Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tuesday, 31 July

Cambridge - Crossbill over Roseford Road 10:20h (Alex Lees)

Ouse Washes, Mepal - PURPLE HERON south of A142 road bridge 17:57h (David Hopkins)

Monday 30 July 2012

Monday, 30 July

Aldreth - Whimbrel still present (Paul Mason & Ian Dickerson)

Ouse Washes, Mepal - PURPLE HERON south of A142 road bridge (David Hopkins); flew towards Sutton Gault end of this wash (Tony Lowe)

Sunday 29 July 2012

Sunday, 29 July

Grafham Water - Red-crested Pochard, 2 Dunlin, 2+ Green Sandpipers (Mark Hawkes)

Earith Washes - Turnstone, 5 Green Sand, 20+ Blackwit,11 Dunlin, 20+ Little Egret,12 Egyptian Goose  (Ade Cooper)

Fowlmere - juv Little Egret on mere edge, Green Sand briefly (Ade Cooper)

Saturday, 28 July

Paxton Pits - 2 Whimbrel over, Garganey, pair of Egyptian Geese, 7 Black-tailed Godwits (Martin Davis)

Aldreth - Whimbrel in grass field near village (Simon Stirrup)

Late news from 26-27 July: Earith Washes - PECTORAL SANDPIPER, also in the last few days 80+ Little Egret, 11 Egyptian Geese, 2 Garganey, 90 Black-tailed Godwit, 6 Greenshank, 6 Ruff, 40 Snipe, 4 Green Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Hobby, 2 Turtle Dove, 40+ Yellow Wagtail (Steve Cooper, Ade Coper, Richard Patient)

Friday 27 July 2012

Friday, 27 July

Ouse Washes, Eairth - 53 Black-tailed Godwit, 4 Greenshank, 4 Green Sandpiper, 30+ Little Egret, 2 pairs of Egyptian Geese (Richard Palmer)

Thursday, 26 July

Paxton Pits - Green Sandpiper, 2 Common Sandpiper, 6 Yellow-legged Gulls (Jamie Wells); 3 Hobbies (Martin Shadbolt)

Fowlmere - Short-eared Owl (Matt Mellor)

Beeby's BPs - juv Mediterranean Gull, Greenshank (Mike Weedon)

Wicken Fen - Barn Owl, Cetti's Warbler, Grasshopper Warbler, Woodcock (Gavin Paterson); 2 Crossbills over Burwell Lode (Colin Jakes)

Hemingford Grey - 10 Crossbill over (Mike Everett)

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Monday, 23 July

Landbeach - STONE CURLEW calling 21:00-21:30 (Dick Newell)

Sunday 22 July 2012

Sunday, 22 July

Grafham Water - moulting drake Scaup at west end at with 300+ Tufted Ducks, 22 Dunlin (Mark Hawkes)

Beeby's BP -  Sanderling, 2 Whimbrel (Mike Weedon)

Saturday, 21 July

Cam Washes - Greenshank, 4 Green Sandpipers (David & Jon Heath)

Paxton Pits - OSPREY over pump house pit, 2 Hobbies, 3 Turtle Doves (Martin Davis)

Hemingford Grey - 11 Crossbills (Mike Everett)

Beeby's BP - juv Wheatear (Mike Weedon)

Thursday 19 July 2012

Thursday, 19 July

Eltisley / Waresley - ringtail Harrier sp. over B1040/B1046 junction 08:50h (Duncan McNiven)

Ouse Washes, Earith - Greenshank, 2 Ruff, also c.1400 Swift close to Chain Corner (Mark Eaton)

Paxton Pits - Whimbrel & later 5 more, all very briefly (Martin Davis)

Ouse Fen - Short-eared Owl (Richard Thomas)

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Monday, 16 July

Paxton Pits - male Whinchat, 9+ Yellow-legged Gull (Martin Davis)

Cambridge - ad Shag over Birdwood Road towards Cherry Hinton fishing pits (Pete Holt)

Sunday 15 July 2012

Sunday, 15 July

Paxton Pits - Crossbill over Heronry North (Katie Fuller and Ian Dillon); 2 Garganey, 3 Hobbies (Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - juv. Crossbill at Mander car park (Richard Patient); Knot at north end of dam (per rarebirdalert)

Earith Washes - 30+ Black-tailed Godwit, Curlew, 5+ Greenshank, 2 Ruff (Mark Eaton)

Fen Drayton - Crossbill over Middle Fen (Peter Herkenrath)

Saturday, 14 July

Ouse Washes - PECTORAL SANDPIPER up from Earith Industrial site from the west bank (Steve Cooper); later moved to Ouse Fen (on phase 7) but flew south again towards Over (Richard Thomas)

Cam Washes - 6+ Green Sandpiper, 4 Common Sandpiper, 3 Black-tailed Godwit (David & Jonathan Heath)

Thursday 12 July 2012

Thursday, 12 July

Thriplow - Quail calling just south-east TL 450465 (Ali Cooper)

Wednesday, 11 July

Fen Drayton Lakes - Nuthatch (Richard Bradury)

Ouse Washes, Earith - 8 Greenshank, c.55 Black-tailed Godwits, Common Sandpiper, Curlew (Mark Eaton)

South Cambs - Short-eared Owl over arable land 18:55h (Gareth Rees)

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE calling from eastern end of Harrison's Drove, also Quail calling (Mark Welch)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Monday, 9 July

Elsworth - Northern Bobwhite singing nearby (Ian Dillon)

Thriplow - 2 Quail calling south-east of the village (James Hanlon)

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE calling from 22:20h (Mike Foley)

Sunday 8 July 2012

Sunday, 8 July

Ouse Fen - LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER for it's second day (Richard Thomas). Viewable in the evening from footpath 3/4 mile SW of Earith on south side of River Ouse (Mark Hawkes et al.)

Earith Washes - 2 Green Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, c.22 Greenshank, 4 Ruff, 6 Black-tailed Godiwt, 8 Little ERgret, 25 Egyptian Geese (Mark Ward et al.)

Grafham Water - 2 Osprey (Mark Ward)

Paxton Pits - female Garganey on Diddington pit, Knot, Osprey (Martin Davis)

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE calling between Harrison's Drove and Burwell Lode again tonight, starting calling at 22h15 (Claire Spottiswoode, Mike Brooke & Ade Long)

Block Fen GPs -  LITTLE TERN, 4 Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper (Rob Partridge)

Saturday, 7 July

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE calling from 10pm (David and Jon Heath); 9 Black-tailed Godwits, Greenshank, Hobby (Gavin Patterson)

Paxton Pits - Osprey over New Workings at midday (Jamie Wells)

Friday 6 July 2012

Friday, 6 July

Maxey Pits - 9 Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Green Sandpiper (Bob Titman)

Paxton Pits - 2 Curlew, Whimbrel (Martin Davis)

Thursday 5 July 2012

Thursday, 5 July

Orton Brimbles - 18 Crossbills over south 07:50h (Matt Webb)

Southey Wood - c.11 Crossbills (Matt Webb)

Grunty Fen - 5 Turtle Doves (David Nation)

Maxey Pits - 8 Little Ringed Plover, 10 Green Sandpiper (Richard Astle)

Grafham Water - 5 Green Sandpiper, 3 Little Egret, 5+ Yellow-legged Gull (Mark Hawkes)

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE calling near Burwell Lode from c.22:30h (Matthew Mellor)

Wednesday, 4 July

Maxey Pits - 9 Green Sandpiper (Mike Weedon)

Paxton Pits - 4 Hobby, Barn Owl, 2 Nightingale (Jamie Wells); 17 Yellow-legged Gull (Ade & Steve Cooper)

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE still calling from 22:20h, 10 Black-tailed Godwits (Dave Fricker & Andrew Knights)

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Tuesday, 3 July

Maxey Pits - Osprey lingered briefly 09:10h, also 4 Green Sandpiper (Bob Titman)

Fowlmere - Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Hobby over, 2 Cetti's Warbler singing (Ade Cooper)

Monday 2 July 2012

Monday, 2 July

Paxton Pits - CommonSandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, 3 Green Sandpiper, 2 Little Egret (Martin Davis)

Sunday, 1 July

Paxton Pits - 6 Black-tailed Godwits, 3 Green Sandpiper, Hobby (Jamie Wells)

Wicken Fen - SPOTTED CRAKE calling from 22:10h between Harrison's Drove and Burwell Lode (Tim Dee and Claire Spottiswoode)

Saturday, 30 June

Paxton Pits - 4 Black-tailed Godwits, Hobby (Jamie Wells)

Maxey Pits - 6 Green Sandpipers (Malcolm Holley)