Monday 27 December 2010

Monday, 27 December

Eaton Ford - WAXWING (Richard Bashford)

Witcham - 17 WAXWINGS in private garden (Ian Dickerson)

Stretham - 5 WAXWINGS at Cage Lane (Owen Markes)

Grafham Water - 2 Scaup (imm male & female), pair of Red-crested Pochard, Pintail, 2 Siskin (Mark Hawkes)

Crown Lakes - 4 WAXWINGS, 13 Whooper Swan, 8 Red-crested Pochard (Steve Dudley)

Farcet Fen - Merlin, 3 Brambling, 47+ Tree Sparrow (Steve Dudley)

Buckden Marina - 8 White-fronted Geese, flew off west (John Lindsell)

Cambridge - Peregrine at the Museum of Technology 15:30h (Iain Bray)

Sunday 26 December 2010

Sunday, 26 December

Stretham - WAXWING numbers now up to 18 (Owen Marks)

Histon - 50-60 WAXWINGS midway between Garden Walk and Orchard Road, feeding on the white-berried Rowan trees (Chris Martin); 2 Green Sandpiper and Common Snipe in ditch at Abbey Farm (John Hoppett)

Whadden Gap - c.50 WAXWINGS, Barn Owl (Alan Pool)

Wicken - 8 WAXWINGS (Ed Bullmore)

Grafham Water - 2 drk Smew (Colin Addington)

Cambourne - 8 WAXWINGS over (Stephen Bell)

Saturday, 25 December

Stretham - 9 WAXWINGS still at Cage Lane on and off (Owen Marks)

Trumpington - 25 WAXWINGS in trees by the park and ride (Richard Palmer)

River Ouse Little Paxton - 2 redhead Smew (Ian Dawson); 14 Goosander (Mark Brandon)

Friday 24 December 2010

Friday, 24 December

Stretham - 9 WAXWINGS in garden 7a Cage Lane (Monica and Owen Marks)

Fen Drayton - 69 European White-fronted Geese, Bearded Tit, Bittern, 6 Bewick's Swans, Lttle Egret (Andy Cotton)

Trumpington - 26 WAXWINGS in Bishops Road (Howard Slatter)

Cambridge - 38 WAXWINGS by Elizabeth Way Bridge (Michael Wood)

Thursday, 23 December

Fen Drayton - 63 European White-fronted Geese across the river from the north east corner of Ferry Lagoon, 2 Pink-footed Geese briefly in fields beside the Entrance Track before flying off east, 2 Smew, Bittern (Andy Cotton)

Witchford - WAXWING over Midway garage (Mark Peck)

Ramsey St. Mary's ring tailed Hen Harrier (John Atkins)

Dogsthorp tip - 1st winter Caspian Gull (Josh Jones)

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December

Fen Drayton Lakes - 17+ WHITE-FRONTED GEESE, 4 Smew, Goosander, Bearded Tit, Bittern (Dennis Hall); 2 PINK-FOOTED GEESE & 7 Bewick's Swans in the field opposite the main entrance (Andy Cotton)

Cambridge -  WAXWING over Elizabeth Way 11:45h (Andy Cotton);WAXWING over Thoday Street 08:30 (Joe Taylor)

Farcet -  Merlin, 4 Bramblings, 40+ Tree Sparrows. At Crown Lakes, a Bittern flew in at 16:10h, 22 Bewick's Swans, 4 Woodcock (Steve Dudley)

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Tuesday, 21 December

Longthorpe - c.50 Bewick's Swans over north 08:45h (Brian Stone)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 50+ Bewick's Swans departed Ferry Lagoon this miorning (Dennis Hall et al.)

Buckden - Woodcock (David Bale)

Crown Lakes, Farcet - 22 Bewick's Swans, 2 Whooper Swans (Steve Dudley)

Cherry Hinton - several flocks totalling 128+ WAXWINGS in the vicinity of Tesco's car park 10:00h (Claire Spottiswoode, Lucy Browning, James Gilbert); 95+ still present 12:00h (Richard Palmer)

Girton - WAXWING over 08:00h (Peter Herkenrath)

Cambridge - 10+ WAXWINGS over the TRAFFIC offices (Richard Thomas); 49 WAXWINGS in the Brimley Road area (Jeff Stenning)

Orton BP - Bittern 13:30h, 2 Red-crested Pochard, 7 Goldeneye, 612 Coot (Paul Taylor)

Orton Brimbles - Jack Snipe, WAXWING, 15 Siskins (Matt Webb)

Grafham water - 2 redhead Smew, 2 Whooper Swan over (Colin Addington)

Granta Science Park - probably up to 30 WAXWINGS 15:50h (Gareth Rees)

Bretton - c.50 WAXWINGS 15:30h (Don Gardener)

Woodwalton Fen - Woodcock, 2 Short-eared Owls,  2 Barn Owls, ringtail Hen Harrier, 120 Corn Buntings (Ron Harold)

Wicken Fen - 4 Barn Owls, 2+ ringtail Harriers, 3 Stonechats (Will Burdett, Nikki Dibbs, John Walsh)

Monday 20 December 2010

Monday, 20 December

St. Neots - WAXWING over Little End Road Industrial estate 10:05h (Mark Hawkes)

Cambridge - Woodcock in a Harvey Goodwin Avenue garden this afternoon (Ben Grieg); 6 Curlews over Histon Road (Kumaran Arul)

Cherry Hinton -  40 WAXWINGS at Lucerne Close 10:00h, 9 more birds closer to Tescos (Christian Boness); c.60 birds in the area this afternoon (Martin Davis)

Toft - 4 WAXWINGS briefly (Clive Sinclair)

Kneesworth - 24 WAXWINGS near the A1198 roundabout (as per Christian Boness)

Orton BP - 2 Bitterns flew out of the reedbed c.11:30h (Andy Frost, Neil Crossman)

Newton - probable ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD north of the village (Iain Webb)

Grafham Water - 13 Whooper Swans (as per

Barton - male Peregrine over (Vince Lea)

Sunday 19 December 2010

Sunday 19 December

Fen Drayton - 2 drake & 13 redhead Smew on Swavesey Lake (Nigel Sprowell); 7 Goosander on the Trout Pond, 2 Bitterns flew over Holywell Lake & Far Fen Lake, 8 Bewick's Swans, Pink-footed Goose on Ferry Lagoon, Peregrine - Ferry Lagoon, Barn Owl (Andy Cotton)

River Cam, Clayhithe to Bottisham Lock - 12 Little Grebe, Female Red-crested Pochard, Kingfisher (Saimon Clark)

Fletton BP - GLAUCOUS GULL (Tony & Jackie Rowe)

Buckden - WAXWING in private garden, 2 Siskin in hedges by roadside at Buckden Marina (David Bale)

Dry Drayton - Woodcock SE of village (Ken & Maggie Hook)

Sawston - 15 WAXWINGS feeding on whitebeam outside residential care home in The Green Road (Mike Redshaw)

Home Fen NNR - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD, c.100 Siskin (Bob Davis)

Paxton Pits - 4 ad Whooper Swans over, 3 Curlew over, 3 Peregrines, Green Sandpiper, 2 Little Egrets, 4 Buzzards, 7 Red-crested Pochard (Neal Parkin, Jamie Wells)

Cambridge - WAXWING in Fanshawe Road (Richard Patient)

Bretton - c.21 WAXWINGS (Don Gardener)

Foxton - 4 WAXWINGS briefly (Marcus Kohler)

Barton - 2 Curlew flew along the Bourn Brook, Little Egret to the osuth of Comberton (Vince Lea)

Saturday 18 December 2010

Saturday, 18 December

Cherry Hinton - 112 WAXWINGS in the vicinity of Lucerne Close / Tescos (Paul Rule)

Dogsthorpe Tip - 2nd year GLAUCOUS GULL still present

Fen Drayton - Peregrine, 2 Smew, Bittern, Goosander (Richard Thomas)

Grafham water -  ad. Mediterranean Gull, 7 Smew, 2 Scaup, 220 Goldeneye, 18 Goosander (Mark Hawkes, Colin Addington, David Hollin)

Bretton - 4 WAXWINGS (Don Gardener)

Witcham - WAXWING (David Hopkins)

Farcet - 2 Bitterns flew in to Crown Lakes c.16:00h (Steve Dudley)

Comberton - 2 WAXWINGS over, also Woodcock, 4 Lesser Redpoll (Mike Crosby)

Histon - Woodcock (David Chandler)

Friday 17 December 2010

Friday, 17 December

Dogsthorpe Tip - 1st or 2nd year GLAUCOUS GULL to 10:55h at least (Josh Jones)

Cambridge - groups of 8 and 10 WAXWINGS along Brimley Road (Jeff Stenning); 15 WAXWINGS in Windsor Road 09:00h (Chris Akhurst)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 Bitterns, Goldeneye (Nigel Russell); 8 Goosanders, 3 redhead Smew, Curlew, 2 WAXWINGS over the car park (Mike Everett, Dennis Hall)

Cherry Hinton - 50+ WAXWINGS around Lucerne Close (Martin Leader)

Thursday 16 December 2010

Thursday, 16 December

Cambridge - 15 WAXWINGS over the University West Cambridge site this morning (Hugh Venables)

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December

Fen Drayton Lakes - 7 Goosanders, male and 4 fem Smew (Jacqui Miller, Andy Cotton); Bittern on Oxholme 15:00h (Duncan Brooks and Ksenija Putilin)

Grafham Water - RED-THROATED DIVER this afternoon but mobile (Colin Addington)

Paxton Pits - Bittern into reedbed at south-west corner of Washout Pit 15:05h (Martin Davis)

Woodwalton Fen - 2+ Marsh Harriers, 5 Marsh Tits, Woodcock (Don Gardnener)

Cambridge - 11 WAXWINGS on Warwick Road, by the Gilbert Road/Histon Road intersection (Duncan Brooks and Ksenija Putilin)

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Tuesday, 14 December

Ely - 3 WAXWINGS mid-way between Ely and Stuntney 09:00h (David Norman)

St. Neots -  c.15 WAXWINGS over the priory Centre 12:25h (Chris Harbard)

Wicken Fen - 12 WAXWINGS, 2 Stonechats (Chris Brown)

Milton CP - 3 Water Rail, fem Goldeneye, Woodcock, Kingfisher, Cetti's warbler, 6 Siskin, Buzzard, Barn Owl (Colin Kirtland)

From Sunday, 12 December: Wimpole Hall - 14 male & 8 female Mandarin Ducks (Mike Crosby)

Monday 13 December 2010

Monday, 13 December

Cambridge - 37 WAXWINGS commuting between Redfern and Brimley Roads (Kate Holmes); 25 WAXWINGS around 141 Gilbert Road 13:20h (Steve Hartley); 35-40 birds along Gilbert Road near Colwyn Close (Ksenija Putilin & Duncan Brooks)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 5 Smew, Goosander, Bittern, 3 Black-tailed Godwits (Jacqui Miller)

Anglesey Abbey - 27 WAXWINGS 13:00h (Gareth Sandham)

Werrington - 2 WAXWINGS (John Saunders)

Folksworth - c.40 WAXWINGS 14:45h-13:15h (Ken Davies)

Farcet - Bittern in flight at Crown Lakes 16:10h, also Cetti's Warbler (Steve Dudley)

Witcham - WAXWING, Blackcap, Tree Sparrows (David Hopkins)

Wicken Fen - 4 WAXWINGS 13:30h (Chris Brown)

Paxton Pits - redhead Smew, Curlew, 2 Woodcock (Martin Davis)

Ferry Meadows - 10 Lesser Redpolls, c.45 Siskins, 2 Goldeneyes (Matt Webb)

Sunday 12 December 2010

Sunday, 12 December

Fowlmere - 3/4 WAXWINGS by the stream half way between the bridge and the bench (Matt Mellor)

Cambridge - 20 WAXWINGS still present Brimley Road/Roland Close, 20 more in Lucerne Close, Cherry Hinton (Hugh Venables); 23 birds by 47 Arbury Road at 14:15h (Jeff Stenning)

Barford Pocket Park, St Neots - Bittern, Woodcock, Tawny Owl (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Orton Brickpits - 4 pairs of Red-crested Pochards (Chris Grave)

Holme Fen - probable Arctic Redpoll with group of c.25 Lesser & 5 Mealy Redpoll, Siskin, 2 Peregrine, Marsh Harrier (Vince Lea)

Werrington -  7+ WAXWINGS on Lincoln Road (Chris Orders); 13 birds at 13:45h (Mike Weedon)

Burwell Fen - Short-eared Owl (Ken & Maggie Hook)

Bretton - 9 WAXWINGS in Walkers Way briefly (Don Gardener)

Cam Washes - 2 Green Sandpipers, 4 Whooper Swans, 4 Little Egrets (David & Jonathan Heath)

Grafham Water - 5+ Smew, 9+ Goosanders (Mark Hawkes)

Paxton Pits - Siskin, 11 Redpolls, Curlew, 7 Red-crested Pochards (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells); also 2 Goosanders reported 

Saturday 11 December 2010

Saturday, 11 December

Cambridge - 11 WAXWINGS in tree outside 171 Gilbert Road, c.25 more at Brimley Road/Montgomery Road (Peter Wells); 9 WAXWINGS onthe corner of Roseford Road and St. Albans Road (Sarah Howlett)

Ferry Meadows - 5 WAXWINGS, 5 Lesser Redpolls, Red Kite (Matt Web)

Orton Brimbles - pair of Brambling (Matt Web)

Histon - 15 WAXWINGS on Glebe Way (Mark Dunning)

St. Ives - WAXWING over Langley Close, redhead Smew on gravel pit (Alan Bull)

Fen Drayton - 11 Smew, 2 Pink-footed Geese, 2 Black-tailed Godwit (David Heath); 10 WAXWINGS flew west along the river, 2 Chiffchaff, Common Buzzard, 2 Marsh Harriers (Stuart Elsom)

Grafham Water - RED-NECKED GREBE in Savages creek (Colin Addington)

Wicken Fen - 2/3 Short-eared Owls from Cockup Bridge (Dave Griffiths)

Hemingford Grey - 2 WAXWINGS (Mike Everett)

March Farmers - 2 Cranes over (Marie Barton)

Farcet - Bittern at Crown Lakes (Steve Dudley)

Ramsey Heights - 4 WAXWINGS (Mike Weedon)

Friday 10 December 2010

Friday, 10 December

Cambridge - 11 WAXWINGS along Gilbert Road, near no.141 at 11:00h (Kumaran Arul); 26 WAXWINGS along Brimley Road at the junction of Montgomery Road and Durnford Way c.13:30h (David Heath)

Histon - 20 WAXWINHS opposite Narrow Close (Vince Lea, Louise Bacon, Colin Kirtland)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 Bitterns, 3 Smews, Goosander, Short-eared Owl, 3 Black-tailed Godwits, Little Egret (Andy Cotton, Dave Anderson)

Hemingford Grey - 2 WAXWINGS briefly (Mike Everett)

Late news for Saturday, 4 December: Eynesbury - Bittern at the Barford Road Pocket Park (Simon Marsh as per Richard Bashford)

Thursday 9 December 2010

Thursday, 9 December

Farcet - Bittern at Crown Lakes again this morning (Steve Dudley)

Ferry Meadows - Red Kite, Curlew (Don Gardener); 2 Goldeneyes (Paul Taylor)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 5+ Bitterns, 4 Smew, 4 Black-tailed Godwits, 2 Goosanders, Little Egret, Peregrine (Andy Cotton)

Stirtloe - ringtail Hen Harrier (Martin Smith)

St. Ives - 3 WAXWINGS over this morning (Alan Bull)

Fowlmere - Curlew over 11:55h (Doug Radford)

Waterbeach - Curlew in Cow Hollow Wood next to the stations car park (Karen Champion)

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Wednesday, 8 December

Farcet - 2 Bittern at Crown Lakes, also Woodcock, Cetti's Warbler, 2 Lesser Redpoll (Steve Dudley)

Peterborough - 4 WAXWINGS at the junction of Walker's Way and Huntsmans Gate in Bretton 09:50h (Don Gardener)

Grafham Water - 2 redhead Smew, 6 Red-crested Pochards (Colin Addington)

Ouse Washes - 2 WAXWINGS at the visitor centre briefly this morning (Mike Burdekin)

Woodwalton Fen - male Hen Harrier (Duncan Ritchie)

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Tuesday, 7 December

Black Drove - BRENT GOOSE in a field north of the A47, just west of the drove, 09:10h (Garry Heath)

Bourn - 5 WAXWINGS along Broadway 08:45h (Chris Went)

Colne - 2 WAXWINGS 08:00h (Mark Eaton)

Peterborough - 2 WAXWINGS in a Bretton garden this morning (Don Gardener)

Ickleton - Chiffchaff (Dave Fricker & Andrew Knights)

Elton - Bittern over the sewage works 15:45h (Roger Davis)

Cambridge - 5+ WAXWINGS east over Coldham's Common (Iain Webb, Steve Hartley)

Crown Lakes, Farcet - 4 redhead Smew, Bittern, distant Black-necked or Slavonian Grebe in failing light (Steve Duley)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 8 Bitterns, male Smew, 5 Black-tailed Godwits, 4 Goosanders along the river, Woodcock, Barn Owl, 2 Little Egrets (Dennis Hall, Dave Anderson, David Parrish, Janet Garnett, Phil Pitelen, Jacqui Miller, Andy Cotton); with 3 Bitterns seen on Drayton and 5 on Oxholme by David Heath  & Garth Peacock, its quite possible that there are 10+ at the site. Also 3 fem and a male Smew on Far Fen Lake, 3 Goosanders on Elney Lake (James Hutchison)

Grafham Water - 2 male Red-crested Pochards, 2 Woodcock, 3 Curlews over, ad Yellow-legged Gull, 12 Goosanders (Mark Hawkes)

Block Fen - 700+ Whooper Swans between the fen and Chatteris (Mark Eaton)

Marsh Lane GP - male Smew (Bill Simmonds)

Ely to Coveney - 2 Short-eared Owls, Jack Snipe (David Hopkins)

Monday 6 December 2010

Monday, 6 December

Cambridge - 2 WAXWINGS in Panton Street 9:05h (Ed Bullmore)

Guyhirn - NIGHT HERON in flight along River Nene by A47 1.5 miles north-east of the village (as per

Fen Drayton Lakes - at least 6 Bitterns, imm. male LONG-TAILED DUCK still, 3 Smew, 3 Goosanders (Jacqui Miller et al.)

Sunday 5 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December

Abbotsley area - TWITE east over towards Croxton (Stuart Elsom)

Grafham Water - TWITE circled Plummer car park calling, before heading off over lagoons, 4 Scaup (2 imm. males, 2 females), 7 Ruddy Duck, 4+ Marsh Tit, 5 Goosander (Mark Hawkes)

Paxton Pits - 78+ Barnacle Geese over (Martin Davis); fem SCAUP (Neal Parkin)

Tubney Fen - Short-eared Owl, Barn Owl (Tim Dee)

Adventurers Fen - 3 Short-eared Owl, Barn Owl (Tim Dee)

Maxey Pits - 24 Goosanders (Richard Astle)

Bainton Pits - 18 Goosanders, 10+ Goldeneyes, Woodcock (Richard Astle)

Woodwalton Fen - ringtail Hen Harrier, male Marsh Harrier, 2 Bitterns (Duncan McNiven)

Fen Drayton Lakes - imm. male LONG-TAILED DUCK still, 3 Smew, Bittern swimming, Cetti's Warbler, fem Marsh Harrier (Mark Eaton); 13 Goosanders, Merlin, 2 Black-tailed Godwits (Sarah Howlett)

Mepal - 3 Tree Sparrows, ringtail Hen Harrier, Barn Owl, Kingfisher (Martin Hansen)

Ely area - Short-eared Owl by West Fen Road, Greenshank at Witcham Bridge Drove (Martin Hansen)

Saturday, 4 December

Grafham Water - Bittern east over lagoons, Scaup, Green Sandpiper, 4+ Redshank, 5+ Goosander, 2+ Siskin, Redpoll (Mark Hawkes)

Woodwalton Fen - 11 Whooper Swan, 14 Corn Bunting, Peregrine, 2 Hen Harrier, Merlin, Marsh Harrier, Coues Arctic Redpoll, 4 Mealy Redpoll, 120 Lesser Redpoll, 20 Siskin, Water Rail, 2 Barn Owl (Ron Harold and Jonathan Taylor)

Fowlmere - Bittern from Reedbed hide (Doug Radford)

Milton Tip - 1cy Caspian Gull, adult Mediterranean Gull (per Dick Newell)

Cottenham (Long Drove) - 2cy Caspian Gull (Dick Newell)

Barleycraft GP - drk Smew (Brian Groombridge)

Cambridge - male Wood Duck and Black Swan on the River Cam still downstream of the city (Martin Hansen)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 16 WHITE-FRONTED GEESE over, imm. male LONG-TAILED DUCK still, male Smew, male Peregrine (Mark Eaton)

Friday 3 December 2010

Friday, 3 December

Fen Drayton Lakes -  imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK on Ferry Lagoon (Mike Everett), Bewick's Swan on Far Fen lake (Jacqui Miller); male and 3 fem Smew on Drayton lagoon, 2 Black-tailed Godwits on Swavesey lake (Nigel Sprowell); Bittern on Drayton Lagoon, Woodcock (Dennis Hall); 8 Goosanders on Drayton Lagoon (Nigel Sprowell, Jacqui Miller, Dennis Hall)

Orton BP - 9 Red-crested Pochards, 5 Goldeneyes (Paul Taylor)

Barleycraft - Bittern (Brian Groombridge)

Thursday 2 December 2010

Thursday, 2 December

Doddington - male GOSHAWK (Paul Harrington)

Cambridge - 7 WAXWINGS on the corner of Roland Close and Brimley Road 09:00h (John Walsh);  7 WAXWINGS low over Chesterton Hall Crescent 11:00h (Will Miles); WAXWING over Longworth Avenue (Bob Jarman)

Fen Drayton Lakes - male and fem Smew on Swavesey Lake 13:00h (Gill Parrish); also Bitern, 25 Goldeneyes, Little Egret (Colin Kirtland)

Woodwalton Fen - ringtail Hen Harrier, 2 Marsh Harriers, 2 Buzzards, 2 Short-eared Owls, 2 Woodcocks, 40 Corn Buntings (Ron Harold)

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Wednesday, 1 December

Haslingfield - Whitethroat (Dave Barr)

Swaffham Prior - 1+ Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Tim Dee & Claire Spottiswoode)

Fen Drayton Lakes -  imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK on Ferry Lagoon, 6 Bewick's Swans briefly, 5 Goosanders on Dryaton Lagoon (Andy Cotton & Jacqui Miller); Bitterns reported from Oxholme Lake (Mark Gurney) and Ferry lagoon (Graham White).

Cambridge - 5 WAXWING on the corner of Roland Close and Brimley Road this morning (Chris Went); 7 birds present mid-morning (David Heath)

St. Ives - 20+ WAXWINGS over the A1096 c.08:00h (Mark Eaton)

Grafham Water - Little Gull from Mander CP 10:45h (Dean Harlow); 16 Whooper Swans, 5 Bewick's Swans over (Colin Addington)

Grantchester - a mixed flock of finches and buntings containing c.25 Tree Sparrows, c.25 Reed Buntings and 130+ Yellowhammers (Mike Foley)

Little Wibraham - c.25 WAXWINGS south of A14 between the village and Bottisham (Peter Wilson)

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Tuesday, 30 November

Guyhirn - 3 Cranes in flight by the A47 07:25h (Andy Bayes)

Fen Drayton Lakes - male & fem Smew on Swavesey Lake (Dave Anderson); 2 male & 2 redhead Goosander on Drayton Lagoon (Andy Cotton)

Orton BP - 10 Goldeneyes, 10 Red-crested Pochards, 500 Greylag Geese (Brian Stone)

Cambridge - 6 WAXWING in Brimley Road early afternoon, Brambling in a Lovell Road garden (David Heath)

Ouse Washes RSPB - 9 WAXWINGS at the visitor centre (Mike Burdekin)

Woodwalton Fen - 8 Bewick's Swans over north, 10 Marsh Tits, 3 Water Rails, c.200 Siskin, c.100 Lesser Redpolls, 2 Common Crane over east, male & fem Peregrines, Woodcock (Ron Harold)

Kingfishers Bridge - up to 3 WAXWINGS until 13:00h (Bruce Martin et al.)

Maxey Pits - 2 Jack Snipe, 3 Snipe (Chris Lines & Chris Orders)

Monday 29 November 2010

Monday, 29 November

Woodwalton Fen - COUES'S ARCTIC REDPOLL in the south-west corner (per; Bittern, 4 Woodcock, 2+ Mealy Redpolls with c.100 Lesser Redpolls (Ron Harold)

Fen Drayton Lakes - male & fem Smew, 2 Little Egrets on Swavesey Lake (Richard Allison); male Goosander on Drayton Lagoon, 2+ Bittern sightings (Dennis Hall, Dave Anderson); Peregrine over, fem Marsh Harrier over, 2 WAXWINGS over (Andy Cotton)

Paxton - 8 WAXWINGS in Gordon Road briefly 09:55h (Ian Langdon)

Werrington - 3 WAXWINGS over west c.12:30h (John Saunders)

Orton Waterville - 15 WAXWINGS at junction of Church Drive and Valence Road briefly c.13:00h (Ron & Sheila Clark)

Ouse Fen - Green Sandpiper, Curlew, Snipe, Peregrine (Martin Sreeves)

Godmanchester GPs - Peregrine, Snipe (Martin Sreeves)

Sunday 28 November 2010

Sunday, 28 November

Fen Drayton Lakes -  imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK on Ferry Lagoon, male and red head Smew on Swavesey Lake, Bittern on Elney Lake (Chris Went)

Cambridge - 6 WAXWING still in Brimley Rd (David Heath)

South Bretton - 2 Waxwing sitting in a tree half way along Thomas Close (Don Gardener)

Orton Brimbles / Mately - 15 Waxwing and 12 more at Ferry Meadows(Matt Webb)

Kingfishers Bridge - WAXWING (Stuart Sharp)

Ely BF - 2 Bitterns, 2 Water Rails, Marsh Harrier (Mark Grooms)

Chippenham Fen - Woodock, Buzzrad, 3 Water Rails, c. 65 Siskins, c.70 Reed Buntings, c.100 Linnets (Colin Kirtland)

Saturday, 27 November

Fen Drayton Lakes -  imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK on Ferry Lagoon, red head Smew on Swavesey Lake, male Goosander on Drayton Lagoon (Richard Allison); Barn Owl, 40+ Black-tailed Godwit on Ferry Lagoon Dunlin (David Heath)

Soham - 2 WAXWING over (Andrew Knights)

Cambridge - 6 WAXWING feeding on white berries in Brimley Rd on the corner of Roland Close (Colin Kirtland)

Woodwalton Fen - Marsh Tit, 3 Bearded Tit, Water Rail (Peter Beesley); Jack Snipe, 4 Bearded Tit, Red KIte, 100+ Siskin, 10-20 Redpoll sp. (Stuart Elsom and Richard Bayldon); COUES'S ARCTIC REDPOLL, 3 Common Crane (per RBA)

Lynch Woods - 50+ WAXWING (Brian Stone)

Southoe - c.90 Lesser Redpolls, c.500 Fieldfares (Mark Brandon)

Ferry Meadows - 2 male Goosanders, 3 Goldeneyes, Woodcock, 2+ Bramblings (Matt Webb)

Friday 26 November 2010

Friday, 26 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK, redhead Smew on on Swavesey Lake at midday (Jacqui Miller); 4 Goosanders over west (Monica & Owen Marks)

Southoe - 22 Golden Plovers with Lapwings, 2 Coal Tits, 2 Treecreepers, possible Merlin (Martin & Lucy Sreeves)

Bradley Fen - Green Sandpiper, Cetti's Warbler (Brian Stone)

Orton BP - 4 Red-crested Pochards, 4 Goldeneyes, 50 Golden Plovers (Brian Stone)

Thursday 25 November 2010

Thursday, 25 November

Peterborough - WAXWING calling over Thomas Close, South Bretton 07:45h (Don Gardener)

Broughton - 3 WAXWINGS near the village cemetery (RonHarold)

Wistow - Brambling, Red Kite, 3 Buzzards in the area (Ron Harold)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 redhead Smews on Drayton Lagoon at midday (Jacqui Miller); redhead Smew, imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK, Little Egret on Swavesey Lake, Stonechat along entrance track (Andy Cotton)

Late news from Sunday, 21 November: Grafham Water - 9 Goosanders off Mander CP (Alan Bull)

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Wednesday, 24 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - redhead Smew, imm male LONG-TAILED DUCK on Swavesey Lake still, also redhead Goosander, Brambling (Andy Cotton)

Paxton Pits - Green Sandpiper, Black-tailed Godwit, 6 Little Egrets. Also WATER PIPIT briefly yesterday, 23 November (Martin Davis)

Wicken Fen - fem Hen Harrier in to roost near Tower Hide (Colin Kirtland)

Woodwalton Fen - possible eastern race Chiffchaff,  40 Siskins, Red Kite, 2 Short-eared Owls, Woodcock (Ron Harold)

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Tuesday, 23 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - redhead Smew on Swavesey Lake this morning (Neil Renwick); LONG-TAILED DUCK still present (Nigel Russell)

Monday 22 November 2010

Monday, 22 November

Coveney - calling LAPLAND BUNTING north over Sweethill Drove but not seen to land (David Hopkins)

Fen Drayton Lakes - imm. male LONG-TAILED DUCK still on Swavesey Lake, also 12 Siskins, Little Egret (Andy Cotton)

Paxton Pits - fem Peregrine, Buzzard, 8 Little Egrets, Ruff, 25 Golden Plovers, 3 ad Whooper Swans over north (Martin Davis)

Grafham Water - 4 Bewick's Swans (Colin Addington)

Woodwalton Fen -  Short-eared Owl, 3 Marsh Harriers, 140 Redpoll, 60 Siskins, 4 Bewick's Swans over west (Ron Harold)

Sunday 21 November 2010

Sunday, 21 November

Fen Drayton - juv Whooper Swan on Far Fen Lake, small flock of WAXWINGS over path between Elney & Moore Lake heading south-west (Neil Renwick)

Woodwalton Fen - ARCTIC REDPOLL, 10+ Mealy Redpoll, 120 Lesser Redpoll, 200 Siskin (Richard Patient)

Ely BF -  5 Marsh Harriers, 2 Cetti's Warblers, 10+ Bearded Tits, Green Sandpiper, 3 + Water Rails (Stuart Sharp)

Fen Drayton Lakes - LONG-TAILED DUCK, BLACK-NECKED GREBE, Caspian Gull (Neil Renwick)

Saturday, 20 November

Milton Tip - adult Caspian Gull, 3 Yellow-legged Gulls (Peter Herkenrath)

Fen Drayton Lakes - LONG-TAILED DUCK still present on Swavesey Lake, Little Egret, Stonechat (David & Jonathan Heath)

Ely - BLACK REDSTART was at the railway station at 08.30 (Mark Grooms); at the BF a fem SCAUP and a TWITE over (Stuart Sharp)

Stretham - Short-eared Owl (Bob Jarman)

Friday 19 November 2010

Friday, 19 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - LONG-TAILED DUCK still present on Swavesey Lake 12:20h (Andy Cotton)

Barton - road casualty Short-eared Owl  (Vince Lea)

Cambridge - Red Kite over 14:15h (Peter Herkenrath); 2 WAXWINGS near Waitrose in Trumpington (Mike Foley); probably 3 WAXWINGS over Chesterton late morning (Dan Davison)

Paxton Pits - 4 Little Egrets, 49 Golden Plovers, Ruff, 2 Green Sandpipers, 11 Siskin (Martin Davis)

Godmanchester GP, Cow Lane - Red Kite at the tip, Peregrine over, 2 Little Egrets, 2 WAXWINGS reported from the Ouse Valley behind the pits (Ian Hellary)

From Tuesday, 16 November: Ouse Washes - dawn roost counts of 4980 Whooper Swans, 1226 Bewick's Swans (Paul Harrington)

From Monday, 15 November: Ouse Washes - Webs counts of 16,408 Wigeon, 4,039 Teal, 523 Pintail, 151 Gadwall, 269 Shoveler, 2,227 Golden plover, 7,640 Lapwing, 696 Black-tailed Godwit, 243 Ruff, 106 Dunlin, 105 Redshank, 1 Curlew (Paul Harrington)

Thursday 18 November 2010

Thursday, 18 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - LONG-TAILED DUCK still present on Swavesey Lake (Neil Renwick); still present at dusk (Stuart Elsom); also 2 AVOCETS swimming in Ferry Lagoon, Peregrine, Woodcock, 2 Egyptian Geese (Richard Palmer, Ali Cooper, Diana Leech)

Kingfishers Bridge - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD briefly before flying towards Wicken (John Thake)

Hayley Wood - Woodcock, Nuthatch, Buzzard (Steve Hartley)

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Wednesday, 17 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - LONG-TAILED DUCK on Swavesey Lake still this morning, also Black-necked Grebe briefly (Dave Anderson et al.); LONG-TAILED DUCK still present 13:15h, probably an immature male bird (Andy Cotton)

Orton BP - 5 Red-crested Pochards, 6 Goldeneyes (Paul Taylor)

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Tuesday, 16 November

Fen Drayton Lakes - LONG-TAILED DUCK on Swavesey Lake in morning (John Harding)

Hemingford Grey - 2 WAXWINGS briefly this morning ( as per

Orton BP - 4 Goldeneyes, 4 Red-crested Pochards, Water Rail, ad Yellow-legged Gull, c.150 Golden Plovers (Brian Stone)

Grafham Water - 8 Pink-footed Geese over late afternoon (Colin Addington)

Nene Washes - Peregrine, Marsh Harrier, 4 Short-eared Owls (Colin Kirtland)

Ferry Meadows - 35 Siskins, 4 Lesser Redpolls in the car park behind the visitors centre (Matt Webb)

Monday 15 November 2010

Monday, 15 November

Fowlmere - fem Merlin, Buzzard, 2 Water Rails (Tim Knight)

Ouse Washes - CATTLE EGRET in Cambs but close to the Norfolk border early afternoon, 2 Short-eared Owls near Jolly Bankers bridge (Paul Harrington)

Aldreth - LAPLAND BUNTING nearby over Dam Bank Drove 15:15h (as per

Grafham Water - SLAVONIAN GREBE at Savaegs Creek still 14:00h (as per

Sunday 14 November 2010

Sunday, 14 November

Gamlingay - LAPLAND BUNTING in flight, calling a lot, at Fullers Hill (Mark Thomas)

Grafham Water - adult SLAVONIAN GREBE still at Savages creek, fem Scaup from Plummer car park, 2 Water Rail, 2 Pintail, 2 Goosander, 2 Brambling over, 17+ Lesser Redpoll and 20+ Siskin (Mark Hawkes)

Fordham - Little Egret in private garden (Peter Browne)

Paxton Pits -  Red-crested Pochard, 3 ad Yellow-legged Gulls, Buzzard, Ruff, 2 Green Sandpipers, 5 Dunlins, 16 Siskins (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Bitterns, Cetti's Warbler, Chiffchaff, Siskin, possible Chestnut Teal reported (Neil Renwick)

Saturday, 13 November

Soham - 10 WAXWINGS still present on Eye Hill Road (Andrew Knights & Dave Fricker)

Monk's Wood - 20 Redpolls and several Siskins (Peter Herkenrath)

Fowlmere - female Merlin hunting at Manor Farm, c.250 Corn Bunting, female brambling (Doug Radford)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 Caspian Gulls on Ferry Mere, 6 Yellow-legged Gulls (Richard Patient); female Smew, pair Red-Crested Pochard (Kumaran Arul)

Woodwalton Fen - COUES'S ARCTIC REDPOLL with 100+ Lesser Redpolls and 10+ Mealy Redpolls at south end of reserve, but mobile, RING OUZEL, FIRECREST, SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF 50 yards south of the entrance bridge (Richard Patient)

Grafham Water - adult SLAVONIAN GREBE at Savages creek mouth late afternoon, 3 redhead Goodander (Andy Massey)

Nene Washes / Guyhirn - Tree Sparrow along Folly Drove, redhead Goosander on Twenty Foot River, 3 Green Sandpipers in a ditch along Graysmoor Drove, 3 CRANES, CATTLE EGRET with cattle close to Redgate Farm, Short-eared Owl (Hugh Venables)

Cam Washes - Green Sandpiper, Little Egret, Ross's Goose (David & Jonathan Heath)

Burwell / Reach - Short-eared Owl hunting on Adventurer's Fen right next to the new bridge over Reach Lode (Giles Merrit)

Peterborough - pair of Peregrine over London Rd (Dave Bradley)

Cambridge - Woodcock east over Cromwell Road/Coldham's Lane junction (James Hutchison); Woodcock dropped into trees at A14/A10 junction (David Wege)

Friday 12 November 2010

Friday, 12 November

Peterborough- WAXWING this morning, Short-eared Owl over this afternoon (Brian Stone)

Soham - 10 WAXWINGS on Eye Hill Road, just off the A142, until 14:30h at least. Also 950 Golden Plovers by the railway line to the south of Barway Road (Chris Brown)

Guyhirn - 3 CRANES in cattle fields at Redgate Farm, viewed from layby 2km past A47 roundabout 10:55h (

Grafham - Hen Harrier over the village, fem Scaup on the reservoir (Colin Addington)

Thursday 11 November 2010

Thursday, 11 November

Ferry Meadows - GREAT GREY SHRIKE to west and south of Overton Lake, but flighty and out of sight c.14:00h (Matt Webb); no further sign by 16:00h (Brian Stone)

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Wednesday, 10 November

Ferry Meadows - 9 WAXWINGS south-west over Coney Meadow c.08:15h (Matt Webb)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 4 redhead Goosanders, 2 Red-crested Pochards, Little Egret (Andy Cotton)

Woodwalton Fen - Short-eared Owl, 3 Marsh Harriers, Barn Owl (Luise Addison)

Fleam Dyke - Woodcock flushed south of A11 (Iain Webb)

Cambridge - Barn Owl over the junction of Union Lane and Milton Road 19:00h (Mike Wood)

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November

Nene Washes - Spotted Redshank & Grey Plover on Low Wash (Charlie Kitchen)

Paxton Pits - two 1st winter Little Gulls,  redhead Goosander, Green Sandpiper (Martin Davis)

Monday 8 November 2010

Monday, 8 November

Nene Washes - Spotted Redshank a field next to the Skating Field at Dog in a Doublet (Charlie Kitchen)

Sunday 7 November 2010

Sunday, 7 November

Roswell Pits - 10 WAXWING over (Duncan Poyser)

Gyhirn - CATTLE EGRET still present in the cattle flock, furthest west from Red Gate Farm (Trevor Williams)

Woodwalton Fen - Peregrine, 3 Marsh Harriers, 3 Little Egrets (Duncan McNiven)

Cam Washes - Merlin, 3 Marsh Harriers, 5 Buzzards, Barn Owl, Little Egret (Jonathan & David Heath)

Paxton Pits - 2 ad Whooper Swans, Short-eared Owl, redhead Goosander, Stonechat, Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Saturday, 6 November

Fen Drayton - female Scaup on Drayton Lagoon, Little Egret (David McCarthy)

Oundle Road between Orton Wistow and Orton Brimbles - 8 WAXWING feeding on insects around the footbridge (Matt Webb)

Grafham Water - Rock Pipit at south end of dam, 2 Redpoll over (Mark Hawkes)

Woodwalton Fen - Peregrine, 3 Marsh Harriers, 3 Little Egrets, Bearded Tits calling from reeds in the centre of the reserve (Duncan McNiven)

Maxey Pits - 2 Jack Snipe, 50+ Golden Plovers (Chris Lines)

Friday 5 November 2010

Friday, 5 November

Guyhirn - CATTLE EGRET 14:00h (as per

Cambridge - a mobile WAXWING along Davy Road and then Argyle Street (Iain Webb)

Ely BF - WATER PIPIT, Green Sandpiper, Grey Wagtail (Stuart Sharp)

Thursday 4 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November

Guyhirn - CATTLE EGRET between the village and Thorney Toll, c. 1.5 miles from the Guyhirn roundabout (Mike Weedon)

Ely - BLACK REDSTART in private gardens along Henley Way for a second day (Mark Grooms)

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Wednesday, 3 November

Grafham Water - RED BREASTED MERGANSER off lagoons briefly c.11:10h (Colin Addington)

Cambridge - BLACK REDSTART in Perne Avenue/Gisborne Road briefly 10:00h (Tony Corps); Kingfisher on Hobson's Brook opposite The Leys School 08:15h (Alison Edwards)

Guyhirn - CATTLE EGRET (as per

Fen Drayton Lakes - Bittern showed well in north-east corner of Elney Lake this morning, Caspian Gull on Moore Lake (Neil Renwick)

From Sunday, 31 October: Wicken Fen -  1st c.y. SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF trapped (Michael Holdsworth)

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November

Guyhirn - CATTLE EGRET between the village and Thorney Toll, c. 1.5 miles from the Guyhirn roundabout (as per - for it's second day.

Monday 1 November 2010

Monday, 1 November

Over - 1st c.y. Swallow on wires along Fen End Road this morning (Richard Thomas)

Ferry Meadows - ad Mediterranean Gull on Gunwade Lake 09:40h (Don Gardnener)

Duxford - 2 Peregrines, fem Merlin, ad Yellow-legged Gull, 4 Buzzards, 300+ Golden Plovers, 25 Grey Partridge, 54 Corn Bunting to the south of Duxford Airfield (Steve Cooper)

Wicken Fen - Marsh Harrier, ringtail Hen Harrier, Barn Owl, 2 Little Owls, 9 Cetti's Warblers, Redpoll, Grey Wagtail (Monica & Owen Marks)

Welney - 2500+ Golden Plovers between the village and Manea (Mike Everett)

Sunday 31 October 2010

Sunday, 31 October

Ouse Washes - juv PECTORAL SANDPIPER 15:00h (Carole Davis, Bernard Siddle)

Woodwalton Fen - Short-eared Owl, Reed Warbler, 2+ Bearded Tits (Mark Brandon)

Fowlmere - juv Hen Harrier, Merlin, Woodcock, Firecrest, Cetti's Warbler, 5 Bearded Tits, 10+ Siskins, 5 Bramblings (Ade Cooper, Rob Jones)

Fen Drayton Lakes -  species recorded today included Bittern, Bearded Tit, Siskin, Chiffchaff, Stonechat, Red-crested Pochard, Barn & Tawny Owl (Neil Renwick)

Melbourn - 48 Grey Partridges, 4 Bramblings and 6 Tree Sparrows to the south of the parish (Steve Cooper)

Yesterday 30/10 - Old Weston - WAXWING taken by a Sparrowhawk (Kevin Royles)

Waterbeach Fen & Cam Washes - Brambling, 4 Green Sandpipers,  2 Little Egrets, Kingfisher (David & Jonathan Heath)

Saturday, 30 October

Burwash Manor Farm, Barton - Jack Snipe around the pools,  Common Buzzard and two coveys of Grey Partridge, c.15 each (Murray Brown)

Paxton pits - Little Egret, Pintail, 5 Red-crested Pochard, 2+ Common Buzzard, 4 Sparrowhawk, 21 Golden Plover, 3 Dunlin, 4 Ruff, 8+ Redshank, 2-3 Green Sandpiper, Cetti's Warbler, 2+ Siskin, 8 Lesser Redpoll (Jamie Wells)

Fen Drayton - 2 Red-crested Pochard, Barn Owl, Brambling, Peregrine, c8500 Starlings to roost (Neil Renwick)

Ferry Meadows - 4 WAXWING over, juvenile Pink-footed Goose, Willow Warbler (Mat Webb)

Thursday 28 October 2010

Thursday, 28 October

Between Caldecote Manor & Wintringham Road - RING OUZEL with the thrush flock heard several times but not seen, 600 Fieldfares, 120 Redwings, 7 Bramblings,11 Grey Partridge (Stuart Elsom)

Cambridge - Red Kite west over Castle Hill 16:00h (Kevin Hand)

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Wednesday, 27 October

Emmanuel College, Cambridge - 2 WAXWINGS over south c.13:10h (Matt Silk)

Ouse Washes RSPB -Grey Plover, 20 Golden Plovers, 75 Ruff, 4 Curlew Sandpipers (Colin Kirtland)

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Tuesday, 26 October

Bretton, Peterborough - WAXWING over 07:55h (Don Gardener)

Hatley St. George - 2 WAXWINGS over 07:35h (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Little Paxton - 2 WAXWINGS at the west end of Gordon Road briefly 12:40h (Ian Langdon)

Fowlmere - 5+ Bearded Tits reported near Drewer Hide 10:00h (Doug Radford)

Foxton - Barn Owl along Fowlmere Road at dawn (Paul Bentinck)

Monday, 25 October

Fowlmere  - 3+ Bearded Tits from Reedbed Hide (Doug Radford)

Sunday 24 October 2010

Sunday, 24 October

Chatteris - GREAT GREY SHRIKE perched on overhead wires on the Somersham to Chatteris road half a mile before Somersham near Crafty Fox (Richard Patient)

Wicken Fen - 150 Golden plover on Burwell Fen, Brambling with Chaffinch flock at Priory Farm, fem Marsh Harrier ringtail Hen Harrier (Andrew Knights)

Melbourn - pair RAVEN over Muncey's Farm, Peregrine, Merlin, 4 Common Buzzard, only 5 Grey Partridge, 12 Corn Buntings (Steve Cooper)

Ouse Washes - 3 Bramblings and 6+ Tree Sparrow around visitor centre, 2 Curlew Sandpiper, Dunlin, 8 Ruff, 3 Grey Plover from Stevens Hide, Marsh Harrier, Common Buzzard, Hen Harrier (Hugh Venables)

Paxton Pits - 17 Little Egret, 4 Red-crested Pochard, 4 Ruff, Dunlin, 4 Green Sandpiper, 3+ Redpoll, 11+ Siskin (Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - GLAUCOUS GULL (Matthew Rogers)

Berry Fen - 2 Swallows over (Rob Partridge)

Nene Washes - 100+ Pink-footed Geese over, 3+ pairs of Stonechats (John Saunders); 2 WAXWINGS over north and 40 Pink-footed Geese over east (Charlie Kitchin)

Saturday, 23 October

Fowlmere - Jack Snipe, Redpoll sp., Cettis Warble (Richard Palmer)

Hatley St. George - Crossbill and 2 Brambling over (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Fen Drayton - Short-eared Owl, Barn Owl (Dennis Hall); 6000-7000 starlings in to roost at Ferry Pond (Neil Renwick)

Swaddywell Pit -  12+ Bramblings with the finch flocks (Richard Astle)

Southey Woods - c.20 Bramblings, also Siskins and Redpoll sp. (Matt Webb)

Grafham Water - 3rd year Caspian Gull 17:50h (Matthew Rodgers)

Friday 22 October 2010

Friday, 22 October

Witcham - 2 1st-winter type RING OUSELS where Witcham, Sutton and Mepal parishes meet. Vocal but skulking and difficult to see (David Hopkins)

Fowlmere RSPB - JACK SNIPE from reedbed hide 17:45h (John Miller)

Cambridge - Peregrine over Emmanuel College 08:25h (Chris Richards)

Fowlmere - Jack Snipe from reedbed hide (John Miller)

Grafham Water - Goosander in front of Fishing lodge (Matthew Rogers)

Thursday 21 October 2010

Thursday, 21 October

Farcet - 1100+ Fieldfares over the Fen, 200+ over Crown Lakes this morning (Steve Dudley)

Haddenham, North Hill - birds moving roughly south-west between 07:00-10:45h included LAPLAND BUNTING, 1247 Fieldfares, 222 Redwings, 2 Bramblings,  Peregrine, Merlin, 78 Golden Plovers (Dick Newell, Monica & Owen Marks)

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October

Crown Lakes, Farcet - male Hen Harrier, 270+ Fieldfares, 44+ Redwings, 3 Bramblings, 11 Bullfinches, 40+ Goldcrests (Steve Dudley)

Bar Hill / Dry Drayton - 200+ Fieldfares over west (Rowena Baxter)

Cottenham - 100+ Fieldfares over west (Vicki Harley)

Eldernell - c.2300 Fieldfares (Steve Dudley)

Peterborough - c.350 Fieldfares over (Brian Stone)

Tuesday, 19 October

Fen Drayton Lakes - Short-eared Owl (Mike Everett)

Fenstanton -possible RAVEN over,  60+ Golden Plovers (Mike Everett)

Monday 18 October 2010

Monday, 18 Ocotber

Balsham - Brambling over (Iain Webb)

Ferry Meadows - 4 ad Whooper Swans flew north from Gunwade Lake c.08:20h (Brian Stone)

Southey Woods - finch flock of 500+ birds containing at least 50 Brambling and 250 Siskins (Matt Webb)

Sunday 17 October 2010

Sunday, 17 October

Grafham Water - Peregrine, Brambling over north, Rock Pipit at south end of dam, 3 Marsh Tit (Mark Hawkes)

Fen Drayton - juv Little Stint, Stonechat, Brambling (James Hanlon)

Tubney Fen - adult male Merlin (Tim Dee)

Dry Drayton - Red Kite, 3 Common Buzzards (Ken Hook)

Hope Farm - 13 Grey Partridges, 3 Buzzards, Sparrowhawk and 43 Golden Plover (Ken Hook)

March Farmers - CATTLE EGRET, Hen Harrier, Marsh Harrier, 2 Stonechat (Paul Taylor)

Ouse Washes RSPB - 2 Curlew Sandpipers, 3 Grey Plovers, Peregrine, Merlin, Pink-footed Goose, 70 Whooper Swans, 2 Bewick's Swans (Steve Cooper)

Saturday, 16 October

Swaffham Bulbeck - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD (per RBA)

Swavesey - 8 Whooper Swans over (Neil Renwick)

Hardwick Wood - RING OUZEL (Clive Sinclair)

Fen Drayton Lakes - pair of Bearded Tits (Chris Went)

Tetworth Estate - Brambling with Chaffinches, 3 Siskins, Red Kite, 3 Buzzards, Fieldfare (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Wicken Fen - ringtail Hen Harrier (David Heath)

Little Shelford - House Martin south (Peter Bircham)

Friday 15 October 2010

Friday, 15 October

Fen Drayton Lakes - GREAT GREY SHRIKE 13:30h, at north end of Ferry Mere. Favouring cut willow brush viewed from the seat near the River Ouse (Dave Anderson); juv still present 14:50h (Mark Peck)

Cambridge - 5 PINK-FOOTED GEESE east over Mill Road (Iain Webb)

Thursday 14 October 2010

Thursday, 14 October

Mepal - 45 Filedfares briefly (Rob Partridge)

Grafham Water - Rock Pipit along north end of dam (Colin Addington); 2 Rock Pipits, 3 Goldeneyes, Cetti's Warbler (James Huchison)

Wednesday, 13 October

Berry Fen - 100+ Golden Plover (Mark Eaton)

Ferry Meadows - 2 Goldeneyes, 2 Coal Tits (Don Gardener)

Southey Wood - 75+ Siskins, Brambling, Coal Tit (Matt Webb)

Grafham Water -  Stonechat (Colin Addington)

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Tuesday, 12 October

Fletton - 4 GANNETS over south-west 12:22h (Brian Stone)

Paxton Pits - 2 SLAVONIAN GREBES, 15 Pintail, 14 Golden Plover (Jamie Wells); Curlew (Paul Lippett)

Bradley Fen - CRANE over west 12:29h (Brian Stone)

Ferry Meadows - CRANE over 12:45h, also 300+ Redwings, 6 Fieldfares, 20+ Siskins (Matt Webb)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 4 WHITE-FRONTED GEESE over (Andy Cotton)

Grafham Water - Brent Goose from Mander CP (Colin Addington)

Mepal - 3 Bramblings over, 200+ Redwings over, Coal Tit (Rob Partridge)

Maxey Pits - Mediterranean Gull (Chris Lines)

Monday 11 October 2010

Monday, 10 October

Needingworth GPs - GOSHAWK, probably male, over west (Mark Eaton)

Fen Drayton Lakes - GOSHAWK over high c.12:30h (David Harmsworth)

Mepal - 3 singing Cetti's warblers (Rob Partridge)

Trumpington - 162 Golden Plovers (Mike Foley)

Sunday 10 October 2010

Sunday, 10 October

Morbourne Hill - WHINCHAT in the paddock round the mast (Andy Frost)

Earith - 2 female Goosander flying downstream along Ouse landed on Ouse Fen Wash, Greenshank, 1-2 Brambling and 3 Siskins over, 3 Grey Wagtail (Graham Hirons)

Ferry Meadows - 2 Rock Pipits on Gunwade (Don Gardener); Brambling, 9 Siskins over (Matt Webb)

Ouse Fen - 11 Buzzards (Brian Groombridge)

Nene Washes - 2 pairs of Stonechats, Curlew, fem Marsh Harrier (John Saunders)

Grafham Water - 2 singing Cetti's Warblers, 2 Greenshanks, 3 Common Sandpipers, 3+ Yellow Wagtails, Little Egret (David Hollin, Mark Hawkes)

Woodwalton Fen - 7 Buzzards, 4 Marsh Harriers, ringtail Hen Harrier, Peregrine, male Merlin, 40+ Snipe over (Joe Lynn)

Castor Hanglands - 2 Crossbills, 20+ Lesser Redpolls (Mike Weedon)

Fen Drayton Lakes - Goldeneye, Hobby (Neil Renwick)

Cambridge - Brambling in a Windsor Road garden (Chris Akhurst)

Paxton Pits - Golden Plover over, Ruff, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, fem Stonechat, Brambling over (Jamie Wells)

Saturday, 9 October

Grafham Water - GREAT NORTHERN DIVER and Brent Goose of Mander car park, 2 Rock Pipit on dam, Brambling, 2 Greenshank, Little Egret, 450+ Redwing heading east or southeast, Redshank, Cetti's Warbler singing in lagoons, 70+ Meadow Pipit, Yellow Wagtail, Grey Wagtail (Mark Hawkes); GREAT SKUA reported at 17:55hr (per

Paxton Pits - Caspian Gull, Yellow-legged Gull, Pintail, Greenshank, Redshank, 2 Dunlin, Brambling, 2 Redpoll, 7 Siskin, c.500 Redwing in several flocks heading east, 2 Swallow, 3 Yellow Wagtail, Common Buzzard Buzzard (Jamie Wells)

Earith - RING OUZEL in hedge on river bank opposite Westview Marina (Graham Hirons)

Fen Drayton - Hobby, Brambling over (Neil Renwick)

Abbotsley / Witerningham - FIRECREST in hedge between Caldecote Manor Farm and Wintringham Road (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Ferry Meadows - 3 Rock Pipits on Gunwade (Howard Butler)

Needingworth GPs - 1st win RING OUZEL, 12 Bramblings, 14 Siskins over, 6 Redwings (Philip Bubb)

Nene Washes - Curlew, 2 Stonechats, 2 Cranes, ringtail Hen Harrier, 6 Tree Saprrows (Mike Weedon)

Friday 8 October 2010

Friday, 8 October

Stanground wash - LAPLAND BUNTING at least one flying over low south calling several times at c.13:20. This was a party of 4 similar-looking birds which could well have all been this species. Also WHINCHAT, 2 Wheatears (Brian Stone)

Ferry Meadows - 2 Rock Pipits, Merlin, ad Mediterranean Gull (Matt Webb); probably 3 Rock Pipits late afternoon (Brian Stone)

Thursday 7 October 2010

Thursday, 7 October

Nene Washes - GREAT WHITE EGRET over the B1040 at the Dog-in-a-Doublet and onto the washes 08:23h (Chris Lines); Bearded Tit, 2 Stonechats, 6 Yellow Wagtails on Low Wash (Charlie Kitchin); Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail, 70 Golden Plovers at March Farmers (Monica & Owen Marks)

Ferry Meadows - Peregrine over, Red Kite, 7 Siskins, 3 Buzzards (Howard Butler, Matt Webb)

Ely - 2 imm GANNETS over north, Bittern to roost at north-east side of the main BF pit (Stuart Sharp)

Ouse Washes RSPB -  Refurbishment work to  Welches Dam pump station means that the access route to the Northern hides towards the railway has been altered slightly. Please follow the pedestrian signs. Please do not be put off by the building site appearance of the route. Any problems please ask at the reserve or at the contractors site office.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Wednesday, 6 October

Nene Washes - CATTLE EGRET at March Farmers (Marie Barton)

Ely BF - Bittern, 4 Marsh Harriers, Bearded Tit, Water Rail, Common Sandpiper, Grey Wagtail (Colin Kirtland)

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October

Toft - Whinchat, a few Golden Plovers (Clive Sinclair)

St. Ives - 2 Bramblings over (Mark Eaton)

Upton Wood - 8 Crossbills, 30+ Siskins (Mark Peck)

Monks Wood - 4 Red Kites (Richard Broughton)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Hobbies over (Neil Renwick); 4 Bramblings over Riverview Farm 17:10h (Andy Cotton)

Ouse Washes - 15 Whooper Swans from Steven's Hide (Mike Burdekin)

Morborne Hill - Wheatear (Richard Jones)

Farcet - 3 Cetti's Warblers at Crown Lakes (Steve Dudley)

Paxton Pits - Rock Pipit, Ruff, Golden Plover, 3 Greenshanks, Green Sandpiper (Jamie Wells)

Monday 4 October 2010

Monday, 4 October

Nene washes - LAPLAND BUNTING over Eldernell with a Brambling, ad male Hen Harrier, 5 Whooper Swans, Crane family still (Jonathan Taylor)

Cambridge - male Brambling at a feeder in a Windsor Road garden this morning (Chris Akehurst)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Green Sandpipers, 2 Snipe, 2 Little Egrets, Barn Owl, Hobby, 1+ Kingfishers (James Hanlon)

Grafham Water - Black Tern, 2 Greenshanks (as per RBA)

Upton Wood - Marsh Harrier, small flock of mobile Crossbills,  small flock of mobile Siskins, Red Kite, 2 Buzzards, 8 Marsh Tits, pair of Nuthatches (Richard Broughton)

Sunday, 3 October

Monks Wood - 2 Red Kites, 3 Buzzards, Marsh Tit numbers low but increasing numbers of Nuthatch (Richard Broughton)

Morborne Hill - Wheatear (Richard Jones)

Saturday 2 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October

Eye - NIGHT HERON perched on a roadside fence along the A47 (Jamie Wilson)

Grafham Water - Little Gull, Black Tern, 2 Greenshank, Common Sandpiper, Redpoll over (Mark Hawkes)

Witcham Gravel - Redstart, Wheatear (David Hopkins)

Paxton Pits - Redstart, Peregrine, imm Marsh Harrier (Martin Davies)

Isleham Washes - Redpoll, Barnacle Goose (David Collins)

Ouse Fen - 3 Common Buzzards, 5 Kestrels, 2 Marsh Harriers, 3 Hobbies (Brian Groombridge)

Croydon Hill - 2 Bramblings, 8 Redwings, 2 Siskins, 107 Swallows, 50 House Martins (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Castor Hanglands - 13 Bramblings, 15 Redpolls, 6 Siskins (Jonathan Taylor)

Ely BF - Bittern 16:15h (Mark Grooms)

Milton CP - 4 Redwings, 2 Redpolls, 8 Siskins, Yellow Wagtail over (Jonathan & David Heath)

Woodwalton Fen - Merlin, 2 Marsh Harriers, 6 Buzzards, 25 Siskins, 3 Bramblings (Richard Patient)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 Cetti's Warblers (Richard Patient)

Friday 1 October 2010

Friday, 1 October

Nene Washes - juv GANNET over north, 2 Yellow Wagtails (Charlie Kitchen)

Witcham - fem Redstart in a private garden this morning (Allistair & Michelle Berry)

Trumpington, Cambridge - Wheatear, 2 Snipe, 16 Corn Buntings (Mike Foley)

Wicken Fen - juv male Redstart (Michael Holdsworth)

Thursday 30 September 2010

Thursday, 30 September

Peterborough - 2 dark-phase HONEY BUZZARDS over south-east (Ben Fraser)

Grafham Water - GREAT SKUA still mid-morning (Colin Addington); 3 Black Terns this evening (as per RBA)

Fowlmere - Redpoll sp., c.20 Siskins, male Merlin (Doug Radford)

Ferry Meadows - 2 Bramblings over (Don Gardener)

Ouse Washes - 2 Peregrines, 5 Marsh Harriers, 2000+ Lapwings, 20 Golden Plovers, Bittern (Joe Lynn)

Elsworth - 8 Buzzards over (Paul Harding)

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Wednesday, 29 September

Murrow - YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER in private garden (Marie Barton)

Witcham - RING OUZEL (David Hopkins)

Grafham Water - juv GREAT SKUA still (Dean Harlow)

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Tuesday, 28 September

Grafham Water - mobile juv GREAT SKUA still, Grey Plover over (Colin Addington)

Fen Drayton Lakes - RAVEN into corvid roost 19:00h, also 2 Green Sandpipers, 3 Little Egrets, Cetti's Warbler (Mark Peck)

Ferry Meadows - Arctic Tern,  Siskin, 2 Redpoll sp., 3 Redwings (Brian Stone)

Cambridge - 3 Siskins, 2 Redwings over Adams Road (Iain Webb)

Galtton - 6 Red Kites and a Buzzard perched at High Haden this morning (Richard Jones)

Kingfisher's Bridge - 2 Grey Plovers over, Buzzard, 2 Grey Wagtails, Green Sandpiper (Owen Marks et al.)

Ely Beet Pits - Hobby, Green Sandpiper (Stuart Sharp)

Monday, 27 September

Paxton Pits - Lesser Spotted Woodpecker near Kingfisher Hide, 3 Redwings, Spotted Flycatcher (Jim Stevenson)

Sunday 26 September 2010

Sunday, 26 September

Grafham Water - juv. GREAT SKUA, Yellow Wagtail, Sand Martin, 160+ Linnet (Mark Hawkes)

Ouse Washes - juv Little Stint, juv Curlew Sand, 10 Dunlin, Spotted Redshank 3 Common Buzzard (Mark Peck)

Cambridge - Redwing in Fanshawe Road (Richard Patient); Redwing over Richmond Road (Sarah Howlett)

Fen Drayton Lakes - juv GANNET over Ferry Lagoon o8:45h (Richard Thomas)

Ferry Meadows - 145 Pink-footed Geese, 10 Redwings, Siskin (Mike Weedon et al.)

Paxton Pits - juv Little Stint, 2 Greenshanks (Neal Parkin, Martin Davis)

Saturday 25 September 2010

Saturday, 25 September

Various locations - many GANNETS passing through - 9 juveniles over Coldhams Lane, Cambridge (Iain Webb), 6 through Ferry Meadows (Don Gardner, Matt Webb), 2 juveniles over Little Wilbraham Fen (Carl Howard), one juvenile over Orton Mere (Brian Stone) and one over the Nene Washes (Jonathan Taylor, Mike Weedon)

Little Wilbraham Fen - PIED FLYCATCHER around reed-bed (Carl Howard)

Grafham Water - juv. GREAT SKUA, 5 Common Scoter, Greenshank, Red Kite over, juv. Little Gull, Black Tern (Mark Hawkes)

Foul Anchor - 3 GREAT SKUA over (Duncan Poyser); also 18 Pink-footed Geese, Peregrine, c.70 Golden Plovers (Stuart Elsom et al.)

Ouse Washes - Little Stint (Duncan Poyser)

March Farmers - 3 COMMON CRANES (Marie Barton)

Paxton Pits - 2 ARCTIC SKUAS over south-west, Caspian Gull, c.10 Yellow-legged Gulls, Black Tern, 3 Greenshanks (Jamie Wells)

Friday 24 September 2010

Friday, 24 September

Foul Anchor - 3 POMARINE SKUA42 GREAT SKUA (flocks of 9, 11 and 15), 5 ARCTIC SKUA, GANNET, 7 Sandwich Tern, 4 Black Tern, Arctic Tern, 2 Common Tern, 45 Pink footed Geese (Jonathan Taylor)

Ouse Washes - 3 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS from Welches Dam Hide, also Wood Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank (Mike Burdekin, Paul Harrington)

Paxton Pits -  2 juv ARCTIC SKUAS circling high to th south-east 17:25h (Martin Davis)

Haddenham - 2 juv Hobbies over south (Paul Mason)

Grafham Water 3 ARCTIC SKUAS over, 2 juv Little Gull, 6+ Black Tern (Mark Hawkes); 21 Pink-footed Geese reported north over dam (per RBA)

Thursday 23 September 2010

Thursday, 23 September

Nene Washes - CATTLE EGRET on field 12 again until 12:30h, 4 CRANES along Central Drove (Brian Stone)

Huntingdon - 4 possible CRANES west along the River Ouse 19:10h (David Woolven)

Witcham - RED-FOOTED FALCON, likely a juv, over south-west towards Sutton Gault area (David Hopkins)

Grafham Water - c.9 Black Terns, 3 Little Egrets, 2 Common Sandpipers (Mark Hawkes); Whinchat (Colin Addington)

Ferry Meadows - 8 Black Terns on Gunwade Lake 08:30h (Brian Stone)

Isleham Water Meadows - Ruff, 41 Snipe (David Collins)

Paxton Pits - juv Black Tern briefly, 2 Whimbrels, 2 Curlews, 3 Greenshanks, Wheatear, Cetti's Warbler (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Late news from Tuesday, 21 September: St. Ives - NIGHTJAR resting on top of a wheelie bin

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September

Grafham Water - juv WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN with c.200 Black Terns (Matthew Rodgers)

Farcet - Tree Pipit, Cetti's Warbler at Crown Lakes (Steve Dudley)

Paxton Pits - juv Curlew Sandpiper, 2+ Buzzards (Stuart Elsom, Howard Jolliffe)

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September

Nene Washes - CATTLE EGRET again, on fields 11-13 along the central drove (Jonathan Taylor); also 3 Cranes, Curlew (Steve Dudley)

Snailwell - LAPLAND BUNTING reported from an area with no general access (as per RBA)

Beeby's BP - Black Tern briefly 12:30h (Paul Taylor)

Grafham Water - 3 Black Terns (as per RBA)

Hauxton - 2 Hobbies (Mike Foley)

Farcet - 2 Cetti's Warblers at Crown Lakes this morning (Steve Dudley)

Paxton Pits - juv Little Stint, 2 Greenshanks, 8 Little Egrets, 2 Peregrines, Hobby, 6 Buzzards (Monica & Owen Marks)

Monday 20 September 2010

Monday, 20 September

Nene Washes - CATTLE EGRET on Low Wash again (Jonathan Taylor); Woodcock, Hobby, 2 Marsh Harriers, 3 Barn Owls, 6 Tawny Owls (Steve Dudley)

Milton CP - Cetti's Warbler in north-east corner of Dickerson's Pit, a second bird reported recently at the northern end of Todd's Pit (David & Jonathan Heath)

Sunday 19 September 2010

Sunday, 19 September

Paxton Pits - 2 juv PECTORAL SANDPIPER, 13 Curlew Sandpiper on Diddington Pit (Mark Ward)

Grafham Water - 4 Black Tern at west end of reservoir, Little Egret, 2 Ringed Plover, 2 Greenshank, 4 Common Sandpiper, Cetti's Warbler in lagoons (Mark Hawkes, Colin Addington, David Hollin)

Ouse Washes - Black Tern, 30+ Ruff (Mike Burdekin)

Trumpington - 3 Swifts over (Mike Foley)

Saturday, 18 September

Grafham Water - 3+ Black Tern from Mander car park, Cetti's Warbler singing in lagoons, Little Egret, 2 Ringed Plover, 2 Common Sandpiper (Mark Hawkes)

Paxton Pits - 2 juv PECTORAL SANDPIPER, Green Sandpiper, 2 Greenshank, 2 juv. Curlew Sandpiper on Diddington Pit (Mark Peck, John Linsdell, Tony Hukin); Caspian Gull, 17 Yellow-legged Gull, 2 juv. Curlew Sandpiper, Peregrine, 5 Hobby, 4+ Dunlin, 5 Greenshank (Mark Ward)

Fen Drayton Lakes - Tree Pipit south over late afternoon, 2 Little Egrets, Green Sandpiper, Pintail, 2 Yellow-legged Gulls, 2 Cetti's Warblers, juv Marsh Harrier, 8 Common Buzzards and 10 Hobbies (Richard Patient)

Friday 17 September 2010

Friday, 17 September

Paxton Pits - Whinchat, Greenshank (Mark Brandon)

Fulbourn - Red Kite (David Henderson)

Thursday 16 September 2010

Thursday, 16 September

Peterborough - OSPREY over the town centre 09:20h (Brian Stone)

Ferry Meadows - juv KITTIWAKE, juv Hobby (Chris Park)

Grafham Water - 11+ Black Terns from Mander CP, 3 Common Terns, Greenshank, 2 Common Sandpipers (Mark Hawkes)

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Wednesday, 15 September

Paxton Pits - 3 Little Egrets, 2 Greenshanks, 5 Ringed Plover (Mark Peck)

Grafham Water - 2 GREAT SKUAS from Mander CP 17:45h (as per RBA); c.9 Black Terns off Mander CP, 2 Greenshanks, Green Sandpiper, 2 Common Sandpipers, 3+ Yellow-legged Gulls (Mark Hawkes)

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Tuesday, 14 September

Paxton Pits - PECTORAL SANDPIPER on Diddington Pit 19:35h (Jamie Wells). As always with this site, please park in car park at end of Diddington village (NOT by farm) and walk back to view south-west corner of pit from footpath at south-east corner of village.

Kingfisher's Bridge - CATTLE EGRET 08:40h (Owen Marks). From A1123 take track on opposite side of road from Upware Road, and park in car park before farm (signed on right). Then follow path west past farm to view from viewing mounds/hides. DO NOT park in farm or along other roads.

Cam Washes - CATTLE EGRET 15:00-15:20h at least, with Canada Geese opposite Kingfisher's Bridge (David Elliott)

Monday 13 September 2010

Monday, 13 September

Grafham Water - juv WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN from Mander CP (Colin Addington)

Cambridge - Osprey low east over Newmarket Road this morning (Andy Massey)

Ferry Meadows - 6 Red-crested Pochards, 2 Grey Wagtails (Brian Stone); a seventh Red-crested Pochard (Don Gardener)

Paxton Pits - Sanderling, 3+ Greenshanks (Jamie Wells)

Ouse Washes - CRANE, 2 Hobbies, Peregrine, 3 Greenshanks, 3 Ruff, 60+ Yellow Wagtails (Mike Burdekin)

Sunday, 12 September

Grafham Water - juv WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN 5 Black Terns, 5 Greenshanks, 3 Common Sandpipers, 15+ Yellow Wagtails (Mark Hawkes)

Ferry Meadows - fem/juv REDSTART at the top of Coney Meadow (Don Gardener)

Castor Hanglands - fem REDSTART (Mike Weedon)

Aldreth - REDSTART at TL446730 (Jem Holding)

Ouse Washes - juv PECTORAL SANDPIPER from Welches Dam Hide briefly 11:30h. Also 10 Marsh Harriers, 2 Hobbies, 2 Garganey, 100 Ruff, 3 Curlews, Cuckoo (Richard Patient); the one-legged CRANE briefly (Mark Hawkes); CRANE then from Grose Hide until 13:45 at least (Jem Holding);

Paxton Pits - Whinchat, Cetti's Warbler, Hobby (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Saturday 11 September 2010

Saturday, 11 September

Grafham Water - Juv WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN still, 3 Black Terns (per RBA).

Wimpole Park - HONEY BUZZARD over south 16:30h (Robin Cox)

Fen Drayton Lakes -  probable fem MONTAGU'S HARRIER over south-west 09:10h (Richard Patient)

Paxton Pits - juv Spotted Redshank briefly, Curlew Sandpiper, c.7 Greenshanks, 3 Ruff, juv Peregrine, ad Hobby (Jamie Wells)

Maxey Pits - 1st win Mediterranean Gull (Mike Weedon)

Aldreth - REDSTART, Wheatear, juv Hobby (Paul Mason)

Ouse Fen Road, Over - 4 Wheatears, Marsh Harrier (Graham Askew)

Cow Lane Pits, Godmanchester - 2 Cetti's Warblers, 2 Common Sandpipers (Gareth Ridewood)

Friday 10 September 2010

Friday, 10 September

Grafham Water - juv WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN still present at 12:00h but mobile and often distant. Best viewed from Hill Farm (TL148 693) or from Mander car park (Mark Hawkes et al.); still present 15:30h (Monica & Owen Marks); also 3 juv Black Terns, 2 Garganey, c.6 Greenshanks, 3 Little Egrets, Hobby over (Mark Hawkes et al.)

Hinxton - Osprey over the Genome Campus 11:20-11:35h (Andrew Knights)

Paxton Pits - Curlew Sandpiper, juv 3+ Greenshanks, 2 juv Ruffs, Hobby (Jamie Wells)

Hinchingbrooke CP - Black Tern (John Lindsell)

Thursday 9 September 2010

Thursday, 9 September

Maxey Pits - Whinchat, 6 Snipe (John Saunders)

Farcet - Cetti's Warbler at Crown Lakes this morning (Steve Dudley)

Aldreth - male Redstart (Paul Mason); still present 17:00h at TL446730 (Mark Peck)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 4 Bar-tailed Godwits over, 2 Common Sandpipers, 2 Hobbies, Buzzard, 2 juv Common Terns (as per Andy Cotton)

Grafham Water -  juv Black Tern, male Goldeneye, 2 Little Egrets, Greenshank (Mark Hawkes)

Woodwalton Fen - 2 Red Kites, 3 Hobbies, 3 Buzzards, 5 Marsh Harriers, Bittern, finch flock containing c.80+ Siskins & 14 Redpolls (Joe Lynn)

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Wednesday, 8 September

Paxton Pits - juv Little Stint, 7+ Greenshanks, 2 Ruff, Egyptian Goose, Spotted Flycatcher, Hobby (Martin Davis)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 Whinchats, Spotted Flycatcher, Cetti's Warbler, juv Hobby, Greenshank (Andy Cotton)

Isleham Water Meadows/Washes - 3 Green Sandpipers, Dunlin, Little Egret, Kingfisher (Dave Palmer); 26 Snipe, 17 Yellow Wagtails (David Collins)

Grafham Water -  juv Arctic Tern, 4 Common Tern, juv Little Gull, 3 Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, 7 Yellow Wagtails (Owen Marks); 13 Black Terns (Mark Hawkes); RED-NECKED GREBE (Colin Addington)

Nene Washes - 5 Marsh Harriers, 25 Snipe, 250+ Yellow Wagtails, Golden Plover over, Hobby (John Saunders)

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Tuesday, 7 September

Nene Washes, Low Wash - CATTLE EGRET at the east end of Long Drove. Seen to fly west but may still be in the area (Charlie Kitchen); Wood Sandpiper, 47+ Snipe, Hobby, 2 Marsh Harriers, 320+ Yellow Wagtails, 2 Whinchat (Steve Dudley)

Ouse Washes - 4 Spotted Redshanks, 2 Wood Sandpipers, 14 Greenshanks, 70+ Snipe, Hobby, Peregrine, Buzzard, Short-eared Owl (Paul Harrington)

Paxton Pits - juv Curlew Sandpiper briefly, juv Wood Sandpiper, juv Little Stint, 8+ Greenshanks, 2 Red-crested Pochards, Cetti's Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher (Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - 13 Black Terns, 2 juv Little Gull (Dean Harlow, Mark Hawkes, Mark Ward); 2 Greenshanks (Jamie Wells)

Croydon Hill & village - 3+ Whinchats, Hobby, 4 Lesser Whitethroats, 10 Yellow Wagtails (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Witcham Gravel - CRANE with one leg nearby this evening, also 2 Marsh Harriers (David Hopkins)

Monday 6 September 2010

Monday, 6 September

Grafham Water - 3 male Common Scoter & Black Tern from fishing lodge, juv Little Gull, Garganey, Turnstone, 4 Greenshanks, 7+ Common Terns (Mark Hawkes, Colin Addington); 8 Black Terns in the evening (Colin Addington)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Spotted Redshanks over south 07:40h (Richard Thomas)

Haddenham Fen - c.3300 Lapwings, c.1000 Golden Plovers, 2 Snipe, juv Hobby, juv Marsh Harrier, Buzzard (Paul Mason)

Nene Washes - COMMON CRANE family, Wood Sandpiper, 2 Greenshanks, 3 Ruff, 2 Red Kite, 450+ Yellow Wagtails, 4 Whinchats & a Stonechat over the last few days (Jonathan Taylor)

Sunday 5 September 2010

Sunday, 5 September

Grafham Water - Cetti's Warbler singing in lagoons, 3 Black Tern, Little Gull, Garganey, Ringed Plover, 3+ Greenshank, Turnstone, 5+ Green Sandpiper, 3+ Common Sandpiper, 3 Little Egret (Mark Hawkes)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Black Terns on the Sailing Lake (Neil Renwick)

Leighton Bromswold - Whinchat (Mark Brandon)

North Fen, Somersham - 20+ Yellow Wagtails with a few White Wagtails, Marsh Harrier over lake near what was the rubbish tip on Short Drove, Hobby (James Pipe)

Croydon Hil - Whinchat, 2 Yellow Wagtail (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Top Farm, Croydon - Yellow Wagtail, Wheatear (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Caldecote - 3 Wheatears, 15 Yellow Wagtails (Richard Jones)

Nene Washes - 93+ Yellow Wagtails, Whinchat, 3 Ruff, 3 Snipe, 3 Marsh Harriers, 2 Buzzards (Monica & Owen Marks)

Saturday, 4 September

Ouse Washes - 4 Common Buzzards, 2 Marsh Harrier, Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Ruff, 5 Snipe, 3 Greenshank, 2 Wood Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin, c100 Yellow Wagtail (Monica and Owen Marks)

Grafham Water - Whinchat below north end of dam on fence, Turnstone, Garganey, 4 Greenshank, 6 Green Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin, 25+ Yellow Wagtail (Mark Hawkes); 4 Black Terns  (Colin Addington)

Fen Drayton - LAPLAND BUNTING over south-east (Richard Patient)

Pymoor - WRYNECK caught and ringed in private garden (Tony Martin)

Great Gransden - 2 Turtle Doves (Graham Askew)

Somersham - 20+ Yellow Wagtails, "a few" White Wagtails (James Pipe)

Croyden Hill - 6 Yellow Wagtails, Hobby, Sedge Warbler, 51 Golden Plovers (Darren-Oakley Martin)

Friday 3 September 2010

Friday, 3 September

Kingfisher's Bridge - CATTLE EGRET roosting in a bush at 08:55h before flying off west at 09:45h. Also Little Egret, 4 Green Sandpipers, 11 Snipe, Black-tailed Godwit, Hobby, juv Marsh Harrier, Buzzard (Mark Peck). Present again this evening (James Cadbury, Monica & Owen Marks). From A1123 take track on opposite side of road from Upware Road, and park in car park before farm (signed on right). Then follow path west past farm to view from viewing mounds/hides. DO NOT park in farm or along other roads.

Isleham Water Meadows - Green Sandpiper, 4 Little Egrets, Dunlin, juv Little Ringed Plover, 4 Yellow Wagtails (Dave Palmer)

Thursday 2 September 2010

Thursday, 2 September

Devil's Dyke - Redstart south of A1304, c.TL622611 (Iain Webb)

Grafham Water - Garganey (Richard Palmer); Turnstone, 3 Greenshank, 3 Common Sandpipers, 5+ Green Sandpipers, 2 Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes)

Paxton Pits - 5 Green Sandpipers, 3+ Greenshanks, Common Sandpiper, Egyptian Goose (Jamie Wells)

Cambridge Research Park - Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Snipe (David & Jonathan Heath)

Isleham Water Meadows - pair of Pintail, 3 Green Sandpipers, 3 Little Egrets, Snipe, juv Little Ringed Plover (Ben Green)

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Wednesday, 1 September

Cambridge, Addenbrooke's - a remarkable 3 Hobbies and a Peregrine together over the site c.11:30h (Sarah Howlett)

Cherry Hinton - 3 Buzzards over (Sarah Howlett)

St. Ives - Wheatear at the allotments this morning (Mike Knowles)

Paxton Pits - 6 Greenshanks, Green Sandpiper, 8 Ringed Plovers, Little ringed Plover, Egyptian Goose (Martin Shadbolt, Jamie Wells)

Grantchester - 2 Greenshanks (Mike Foley)

Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tuesday, 31 August

Grafham Water - 2 male COMMON SCOTERS, Garganey, 3+ Greenshanks, 7+ Green Sandpipers, 2 Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes)

Paxton Pits - fem Merlin, fem Marsh Harrier, 2 Curlews, 2 Egyptian Geese, 4+ Hobbies, Greenshank, 5 Little Ringed Plovers, 3+ Common Sandpipers (Jamie Wells)

Ouse Washes - 2 Wood Sandpipers, 5 Green Sandpipers, 4 Greenshanks, Peregrine, Marsh Harrier, 4 Buzzards (Mike Burdekin)

Grantchester - 2 Ruff, Greenshank, 8 Snipe (Mike Foley)

Monday 30 August 2010

Monday, 30 August

Farcet Fen - Mediterranean Gull in tilled stubble field near the Plough Inn (Steve Dudley)

Cambridge Research Park - Greenshank, 2 Common Buzzards (David & Jonathan Heath)

Foul Anchor - 19 GREAT SKUAS, 3 ARCTIC SKUAS, 3 Golden Plovers, Ruff, Curlew, Common Sandpiper, 3 Hobbies (Stuart Elsom et al.)

Grafham Water -juv. Little Gull (Mark Hawkes)

Sunday 29 August 2010

Sunday, 29 August

Hilton - PIED FLYCATCHER @ TL296 660. Park near village green (John Clark)

Paxton Pits - Egyptian Goose, Little Ringed Plover, 6 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin, Ruff, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper (Jamie Wells)

Ouse Fen - 2 Greenshank, 2 Garganey, Ruff, Yellow Wagtail (Mark Brandon)

Grafham Water - Garganey, Little Gull, Little Ringed Plover, Dunlin, 7+ Greenshank, 10+ Green Sandpiper, Hobby (Mark Hawkes)

Fen Drayton - 2 Hobby (Neil Renwick)

Saturday, 28 August

Grafham Water - juv. Little Gull, off Mander CP, 3 Garganey 3 on Gaynes Point, 4-5 Spotted Flycatcher, 7+ Greenshank, 12+ Green Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, 2 Redshank, c40 Yellow Wagtail, 10+ Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Turtle Dove, Little Egret, 4+ Yellow-legged Gull (Mark Hawkes)

Fen Drayton - GREAT WHITE EGRET over Drayton Lagoon towards Over (Richard Patient)

Cambridge - juv. GANNET flying north over Huntingdon Road (Christoph Zockler)

Paxton Pits - 4 Little Egret, Egyptian Goose, Shelduck, Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpiper, 2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin, 2 Ruff, Wheatear (Richard Webb)

Maxey - 2 Pintail, 3 Garganey, 3 Wigeon, 2 Common Sandpipers, 2 Green Sandpiper, 2 Snipe, Turtle Dove, 2 Littlle Egrets (Chris Lines)

Tanholt - 3 Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpiper, 3 Common Sandpiper, 2 Common Buzzard (Dave Chambers)

Friday 27 August 2010

Friday, 27 August

Grafham Water - 2 juv Black Terns, 2+ Garganey, 3 Greenshanks, 8+ Green Sandpipers, Oystercatcher, Little Ringed Plover (Mark Hawkes)

Cam Washes, Waterbeach - 15+ Ruff briefly, Common Sandpiper, 30+ Yellow Wagtails (David Heath)

Thursday, 26 August

Grafham Water - juv Arctic Tern, 2 juv Black Terns, 3+ Garganey, 4+ Greenshanks, 3+ Green Sandpipers, 2 Ruffs (Mark Hawkes)

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Wednesday, 25 August

Ferry Meadows - Wheatear, 6+ Lesser Whitethroats (Don Gardener); Shag on Overton still (Mike Weedon)

Grafham Water - 2 Black Terns, 8 Greenshanks, 6 Green Sandpipers, 2 Ruff, 3 Little Egrets (Mike Everett)

Tanholt Pit - 2 Greenshanks, 6 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper (Dave Chambers)

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Tuesday, 24 August

Grafham Water - 2 Black Terns, juv Little Gull, 5+ Garganey, 2 Ruff, 8+ Greenshanks, 10+ Green Sandpipers, 3 Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes)

Trumpington - 14+ Yellow Wagtails in fields near Hobson's Brook (Mike Foley)

Fen Drayton Lakes - Whinchat, 4 Arctic Terns, 1000+ hirundines, mainly House Martins (Mike Everett)

Wicken Fen - 2 Greenshanks, Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Green Sandpipers, 60 Stock Doves (Tim Dee)

Tubney Fen - Wheatear, 5 Green Sandpipers (Tim Dee)

Monday 23 August 2010

Monday, 23 August

Grafham Water - 7 Egyptian Geese from Fishing Lodge, 14 Whimbrel over south (Colin Addington); juv Black Tern, juv Little Gull, 9 Garganey, juv Spotted Redshank, juv Mediterranean Gull, 2 Ruff, 8+ Greenshanks, 5+ Green Sandpipers, 3+ Common Sandpipers, 3+ Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes)

Witcham - Firecrest singing in a private garden late morning (David Hopkins)

Isleham Washes - Ruff, Dunlin, Little Ringed Plover, Snipe, 3 Green Sandpipers, Little Egret, Yellow Wagtail (David Collins)

Wicken Fen - Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers, Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Snipe on Baker's Fen (David Collins)

Ferry Meadows - Shag on Overton still (Don Gardener)

Paxton Pits - 3 Whinchats, Garganey, Egyptian Goose, 8 Little Egrets, Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpipers, 3 Common Sandpipers (Martin Davis)

Barleycraft Pit - 42 Little Egrets to roost, 2 Hobbies, Turtle Dove, Barn Owl (Mark Eaton)

Sunday 22 August 2010

Sunday, 22 August

Over area - Redstart at Mare Fen, Whinchat and Wood Sandpiper at Ouse Fen (Richard Thomas)

Ouse Fen - 24 Egyptian Geese (Graham Hirons)

Grafham Water - 4 Black Tern, 1-2 Little Gull, 8 Garganey, juv. Spotted Redshank, Spotted Flycatcher, 13+ Greenshank, 3 Ruff, 10+ Green Sandpiper, 3 Yellow-legged Gull, Little Egret, 3+ Common Sandpiper, Garden Warbler (Mark Hawkes)

Maxey - 3 Garganey, 2 Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Winchat, Turtle Dove (Chis Lines)

Tanholt - Greenshank, 3 Common Sandpiper, 8 Green Sandpiper, Hobby (Dave Chambers)

Ellington - 13 Common Buzzard (Ted Stephens)

Paxton Pits - Marsh Harrier, Whinchat, 3+ Common Buzzard, 1-2 Hobby, 5 Dunlin, 6 Greenshank, 3 Common Sandpiper, 6 Green Sandpiper, Turtle Dove, Spotted Redshank (Jamie Wells)

Kingfisher bridge - 18 Green Sandpiper, 2 Wood Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Ruff, Black-tailed Godwit, Snow Goose, Ruddy Duck, Little Egret (Mark Peck)

Midloe Grange farm, Southoe - Whinchat, Hobby (Mark Brandon)

Brownshill Staunch - Turtle Dove (Mark Brandon)

Dry Drayton - 3 Common Buzzards, Hobby (Ken Hook)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Bitterns seen on Oxholme Lake (M Everett), 3 Whinchats, 2 yellow wagtails on entrance road (c/o Neil Renwick)

Ouse Washes - Green Sandpiper, 3 Greenshank, Ruff, 4 Marsh Harrier, Peregrine (Gavin Paterson)

Waterbeach Fen - 4 Turtle Doves, Marsh Harrier, 2 Yellow Wagtails, Green Sandpiper, Barn Owl (David & Jonathan Heath)

Cottenham, Long Drove - ad Caspian Gull recently, Yellow-legged Gulls (Dick Newell)

Landbeach - 6 Buzzards (Dick Newell)

Wicken Fen - 2 Barn Owls, 2 Green Sandpipers, 8 Snipe (Andrew Knights)

Saturday 21 August

Grafham Water - 7 Egyptian Goose from Mander CP, 2 Little Gull 5-6 Garganey, juv Spotted Redshank, 13+ Greenshank, 3 Ruff, 10+ Green Sandpiper, drk. Goldeneye, 3 Yellow-legged Gull, Little Egret, 2 Marsh Tit (Mark Hawkes)

Maxey - 3 Garganey, 3 Greenshank, Ringed Plover (Chris Lines)

Kingfisher's Bridge - 2 Wood Sandpiper, 10 Green Sandpiper, Ruff, Marsh Harrier, 3 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Hobby (Gavin Paterson)

Friday 20 August 2010

Friday, 20 August

Grafham Water - Whinchat below dam, 4 Black Terns, juv Little Gull, juvenile Spotted Redshank, 3 Ruff, 14 Greenshank, 6+ Garganey, 8+ Green Sandpiper, 25 Yellow Wagtails, 2 Little Egrets, 2+ Yellow-legged Gulls, 3+ Common Sandpiper (Mark Hawkes)

Ouse Washes - male Wheatear, 6 Yellow Wagtails, 3 Ruff, 9 Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpiper, 3 Wigeon, Peregrine, Hobby, 4 Marsh Harrier, Common Buzzard, Turtle Dove (Joe Lynn)

Wicken Fen - 3 Green Sandpipers, Greenshank on Baker's Fen (Dave Palmer)

Long Drove, Cottenham - Hobby (Dave Gandy)

Kingfisher's Bridge - Wood Sandpiper, 11 Black-tailed Godwits, 4 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper, male Ruff (Dave Gandy)

Ferry Meadows - SHAG still present (Mac Bell)

Thursday 19 August 2010

Thursday, 19 August

Ferry Meadows - juv SHAG on Overton still (Brian Stone)

Hatley St. George - ad fem Whinchat in a private garden this morning (Darren Oakley-Martin, Katie Fuller)

Tanholt Pit - 3 Greenshanks, 3 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper (Peter Beesley)

Grafham Water - 4 Black Terns, Spotted Redshank, 3 Ruff, 5+ Garganey, 13+ Green Sandpiper, 8 Greenshank, 2 Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes); 2 Little Gulls, drk Goldeneye (Mark Ward)

Haddenham Fen - Whinchat, juv Marsh Harrier (Paul Mason)

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Wednesday, 18 August

Ferry Meadows - juv SHAG on Overton still (Mike Weedon); 60+ Common Terns (Matt Webb)

Grafham Water - juv Spotted Redshank, 8 Garganey, 7+ Greenshanks, 18+ Green Sandpipers, 2+ Common Sandpipers, 2 Ruff, Dunlin, Little Egret, 2+ Spotted Flycatchers this morning, also juv Little Gull and a third Ruff this evening (Mark Hawkes)

Fullers Hill - Whinchat at Crooked Billet Farm 08:15h (Darren Oakley-Martin)

RSPB Grange Farm - Tree Pipit and juv Turtle Dove (Katie Fuller, Derek Gruar)

Isleham Washes - 3 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper, fem Marsh Harrier (Dave Palmer)

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Tuesday, 17 August

Ferry Meadows - juv SHAG on Overton (Brian Stone)

Grafham Water - juv Spotted Redshank, 8 Garganey, juv Little Gull, 11 Greenshanks, 18+ Green Sandpipers, 3 Common Sandpipers, Ruff, Oystercatcher, Little Egret, Grey Wagtail (Mark Hawkes)

Isleham Washes - Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, 8 Snipe, Little Ringed Plover, Yellow Wagtail (David Collins)

Farcet - PIED FLYCATCHER in north-west corner of Crown Lakes, north of footbridge, 18:45h (Steve Dudley)

Paxton Pits - 2 juv Black-necked Grebes, Sanderling, 4 Little Ringed Plovers, 3 Greenshanks, 3 Ruff, 3 Green Sandpipers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 2 Egyptian Geese, Turtle Dove, c.10 Little Egrets,, c.40 Yellow-legged Gulls (Martin Davis); also Garganey, 2 more Turtle Doves (Jamie Wells)

Monday 16 August 2010

Monday, 16 August

Barleycraft Pits - CATTLE EGRET present at 20:10h, probably from 19:30h (Richard Thomas); also 3+ Common Sandpipers, 2 Green Sandpipers, 2 Ruff, 6+ Turtle Doves (Mark Eaton)

Peterborough, South Bretton - GANNET over north-east (Don Gardener)

Ferry Meadows - juv SHAG on Overton (Don Gardener); Hobby at Gunwade (Matt Webb)

Sunday 15 August 2010

Sunday, 15 August

Earith - CATTLE EGRET consuming a short-tailed vole, 4 Curlews, Hobby. Also 14 Egyptian Geese, Yellow-billed Pintail & Chestnut Teal between Earith and Berry Fen (Mark Ward)

Ouse Fen - Wood Sandpiper over, 3 eclipse Garganey, Hobby (Richard Thomas)

Paxton Pits - Spotted Redshank, Mediterranean Gull, c35 Yellow-legged Gull, Egyptian Goose, Shelduck, juv Sanderling, juv Black-tailed Godwit, 1+ Greenshank, 2 Redshank, 4 Green Sandpiper, 2+ Common Sandpiper, 2 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Common Buzzard, 2+ Yellow Wagtail (Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - 2-3 Little Gull, 8 Garganey, Ruff, 15+ Green Sandpiper, 6+ Greenshank, Water Rail, Goldeneye, 7+ Yellow Wagtail, 3 Little Egret, Redshank, 4+ Yellow-legged Gull (Mark Hawkes, Colin Addington, David Hollin)

Maxey - 3 Garganey were still present, 17 Golden Plover, Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper (Paul Taylor); also 2 Little Egrets, Grey Wagtail, 2 Green Sandpipers, Hobby, Little Owl (Chris Lines)

Eynesbury - GOSHAWK slowly south c.15:56h (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Tanholt Pit - 2 Greenshanks, 2 Common Sandpipers, Green Sandpiper, Kingfisher, 2 Yellow Wagtails (Dave Chambers)

King's Dyke - 2 Peregrines, Hobby (Joe Taylor)

Ferry Meadows - c.50 Common Terns over Gunwade (Matt Webb)

St. Neots - Merlin at Love's Farm (Mark Ward)

Saturday, 14 August

Ouse Washes - CATTLE EGRET north of Earith directly opposite industrial estate ie about 500m south of the pool it's been favouring for the past few days (David Griffiths)

Hinchingbrooke Country Park - Black Tern (John Lindsell)

Paxton Pits - 8 Green Sandpiper, 5 Common Sandpiper, 7 Greenshank, 8 Dunlin, 7 Little Ringed Plover, 9 Ringed Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Avocet, 11+ Yellow Wagtail (Martin Davis); Ruff, 2 Sanderling (Richard Webb)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 8 Black Terns on Drayton Lagoon (Richard Thomas); BLUE-WINGED TEAL eclipse drake Ferry Lagoon (Hugh Venables); 2 Spotted Flycatchers (Sarah Howlett)

Top Farm Croydon - 3 Whinchat, 2 Wheatear, Stonechat, 14 Yellow Wagtail (Darren Oakley-Martin)

Grafham Water - 2+ juv Little Gulls, juv Mediterranean Gull, adult Arctic Tern, 2 Black Terns, Garganey, 11 Greenshank, Ruff, 2 Turnstones, Dunlin, 13 Green Sandpipers, 2 Little Egrets, Little Ringed Plover, 6+ Yellow-legged Gulls (Mark Hawkes)

Maxey Pits - Green Sandpiper, Long-eared Owl, 2 Little Owls, Common Sandpiper, 2 Kingfishers (Chris Lines et al.); 3 Garganey, Little Ringed Plover (Mike Weedon)

Farcet - Short-eared Owl (Steve Dudley)

Friday 13 August 2010

Friday, 13 August

Cambridge - Osprey low south-west over Mill Road 08:47h (Andy Symes)

Thursday, 12 August

Paxton Pits - ad summer Mediterranean Gull, 36+ Yellow-legged Gulls, juv Sanderling, 18 Little Egrets, 8 Dunlins, 11 Green Sandpipers, 6 Common Sandpipers, 7 Greenshanks, 3 Avocets, 2 Turtle Doves, juv Hobby, 2 Buzzards (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August

Ouse Washes - CATTLE EGRET just north of Earith industrial estate at 11:28h, viewed from west bank of washes (Richard Palmer); flew south and then west along the Ouse 17:15h (David Griffiths)

Fen Drayton Lakes - Wheatear, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, 2 Kingfishers (Neil Renwick)

Fowlmere - 3 juv Black-tailed Godwits (Gary Thornton, Jon Warden); juv Marsh Harrier, Cetti's Warbler, 2 Kingfishers (Doug Radford)

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Tuesday, 10 August

Ouse Washes - CATTLE EGRET about 1/2 mile north of Earith industrial estate until flying south-west at 09:45h. Also Peregrine, Common Sandpiper (Mark Peck)

Needingworth Pits - CATTLE EGRET into roost at 20:10h (Richard Thomas)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 2 Egyptian Geese until 09:25h, 4 Whimbrel over (Andy Cotton)

King's Dyke - Wheatear, 40 Snipe (Joe Lynn)

Grafham Water - 6 Greenshanks, 17+ Green Sandpipers, 5+ Common Sandpipers, ad Hobby, Little Egret (Mark Hawkes)

Melbourn - juv Mediterranean Gull, 4 Yellow-legged Gulls (Steve Cooper)

Monday, 9 August

Needingworth Pits - CATTLE EGRET into roost 19:35h, 10+ Turtle Doves (Richard Thomas)

Ferry Meadows - Golden Plover over (Matt Webb)

Beeby's BP - 3 Black-tailed Godwits, Little Egret (Paul Taylor)

Cambridge - Red Kite north-east over Roseford Road c.12:30h (Brian Cleary)

Grafham Water - 5+ Garganeys, Turnstone, Greenshank, 2 Common Sandpipers (Richard Palmer)

Sunday 8 August 2010

Sunday, 8 August

Grafham Water - 7+ Garganey still around spit from Plummer CP, 2 Black Tern, Marsh Harrier, Sanderling on dam, 8+ Greenshank, 8+ Green Sandpiper, 9+ Little Egret, Hobby, 2 Ringed Plover, Little Ringed Plover, 7+ Yellow-legged Gull, 2 Redshank (Mark Hawkes); 10 Sandwich Terns going south over Gaynes creek (Mark Ward)

Tanholt Pit - 2 Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Marsh Harrier (Dave Chambers)

Needingworth Pits - CATTLE EGRET on the pit at TL366733, however it is best viewed from footpath alongside River Ouse, accessed from Brownshill Staunch or Berry Fen (Richard Thomas)

Paxton Pits - 14+ Little Egrets, Egyptian Goose, 5 Green Sandpipers, 2 Common Sandpipers, Black-tailed Godwit (Richard Webb); Cetti's Warbler (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Woodwalton Fen - ad HONEY BUZZARD 13:40h (David Sampson)

Saturday, 7 August

Grafham Water - 8 Garganey in Gaynes Creek, juv. Black Tern along north shore, 5 Greenshank, juv. Ruff, 8+ Green Sandpiper, 5+ Common Sandpiper, 6+ Yellow-legged Gull, Yellow Wagtail, Grey Wagtail, 3 Ringed Plover, 5+ Little Egret, Oystercatcher, 3 Turtle Dove (Mark Hawkes); 2 Mediterranean Gulls (Ade Cooper, Richard Patient)

Paxton Pits - 18+ Little Egret, Egyptian Goose, Bar-headed Goose, Shelduck, Hobby, 3 Avocet, 4 Dunlin, Redshank, 3 Greenshank, 8 Green Sandpiper, 5 Common Sandpiper, 3 Turtle Dove, Yellow Wagtail (Jamie Wells); 72 Yellow-legged Gulls (Ade Cooper, Richard Patient)

Fowlmere - juv. Marsh Harrier (Doug Radford)

Earith - male Redstart (Graham Hirons)

Ouse Fen - 11 Whimbrel over (Graham Hirons)

Friday, 6 August

Brownshill Staunch - juv Whinchat still present (Richard Thomas)

Fowlmere - Marsh Harrier, Turtle Dove (Doug Radford)

Ferry Meadows - Marsh Harrier over (Matt Webb)

Isleham Washes - 4 Green Sandpipers, 3 Common Sandpipers, Little Ringed Plover, 2 Snipe (David Collins)

Thursday 5 August 2010

Thursday, 5 August

Brownshill Staunch - juv Whinchat this morning (Richard Thomas)

Grafham Water - Garganey, 6 Greenshanks, 8+ Green Sandpipers, 4+ Common Sandpipers, male Goldeneye (Mark Hawkes)

Wednesday, 4 August

Paxton Pits - 9 Little Ringed Plovers, 5 Green Sandpipers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 6 Dunlins, 4+ Greenshanks, 17 Little Egrets, 41 Yellow-legged Gulls, 2 Buzzards, Hobby, Egyptian Goose (Martin Davis)

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Tuesday, 3 August

Paxton Pits - 3 Green Sandpipers, 2 Common Sandpipers, 5+ Dunlins, Greenshank, 4 Little Egrets, 26 Yellow-legged Gulls, 4 Buzzards, Red Kite (Martin Davis)

Isleham Washes - Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper, Little Egret, 2 juv Little Ringed Plovers (David Collins)

Hinxton - juv Mediterranean Gull until 19:45h (Steve Cooper)

Monday 2 August 2010

Monday, 2 August

Grafham Water - 4 Greenshanks, Ruff in Dudney Creek (Colin Addington)

Sunday 1 August 2010

Sunday, 1 August

Grafham Water - juv BLACK-NECKED GREBE from Dudney hide, 5+ Greenshank, Ruff, 2 Green Sandpiper, 2 Dunlin, 6 Little Egret, 3+ Yellow-legged Gull, juv Common Gull, Goldeneye (Mark Hawkes)

Fen Drayton - Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, juvenile Cuckoo, 3 Ruff, 2 Turtle Dove, Grasshopper Warbler (c/o Neil Renwick)

Paxton Pits - ad Caspian Gull, 42+ Yellow-legged Gulls, 8 Turtle Doves (Mark ward); 7 Little Egret, 6 Common Gull, Barn Owl, Common Sandpiper, 3 Green Sandpiper (Stuart Elsom)

Saturday, 31 July

Grafham Water - 9+ Green Sandpiper, Greenshank, 4 Dunlin, 6+ Common Sandpiper, 8+ Yellow-legged Gull, 4+ Little Egret, Turtle Dove, Oystercatcher (Mark Hawkes)

Wicken Fen - 19 Wimbrel over, male Stonechat (Mark Peck)

Monks Wood - juvenile Long-eared Owl

Paxton Pits - Greenshank, 4 Avocets, 8 Little Ringed Plovers, 4 Green Sandpipers, 3 Common Sandpipers, 15 Little Egrets (Martin Davis)

Waresely Wood - pair of Spotted Flycatchers with dependant young (Stuart & Jill Elsom)

Fen Drayton Lakes - Turnstone over south (Richard Thomas)

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Wednesday, 28 July

Beeby's BP - juv Mediterranean Gull this morning (Brian Stone)

Hemingford Grey - 5 Crossbills over west (Mike Everett)

Paxton Pits - 6+ Little Egrets, Black-tailed Godwit, Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpipers, 7 Common Sandpipers, Hobby (Jamie Wells)

Tuesday, 27 July

Paxton Pits - 10 Little Egrets, imm fem Peregrine, Water Rail, 3 Green Sandpipers, 5+ Common Sandpipers, 2+ Turtle Doves, 35+ Yellow-legged Gulls (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Monday, 26 July

Paxton Pits - 7 Little Ringed Plovers, 5 Common Sandpipers, Green Sandpiper, 11 Ringed Plovers, 9+ Little Egrets, 23+ Whimbrels over (Martin Davis)

Grafham Water - COMMON SCOTER, juv Mediterranean Gull, 3 ad Turnstones, Sanderling, 14 Common Sandpipers, 11 Little Egrets, 2 ad Arctic Terns, Hobby, 45+ Yellow-legged Gulls (Mark Hawkes, Colin Addington)

Monday 26 July 2010

Sunday, 25 July

Grafham Water - Turnstone on dam, Greenshank, 16 Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper,14 Little Egret, Little Ringed Plover, Ruddy Duck, Goldeneye, 6+ Yellow-legged Gull, Redshank (Mark Hawkes)

Maxey Pits - ad Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpipers, Dunlin (Mike Weedon)

Cambridge - Crossbill over Huntingdon Road (Christoph Zockler)

Paxton Pits - 14 Little Egrets, Red Kite, 3+ Buzzards, 1+ Hobby, 6 Common Sandpipers, 33 Yellow-legged Gulls, 2 Turtle doves (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Sunday 25 July 2010

Saturday, 24 July

Grafham Water - Turnstone, adult on dam with 2 Dunlin, 5 Common Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover, 10 Little Egret, 4+ Yellow-legged Gull, Snipe (Mark Hawkes)

Kneesworth - Little Owl and Tawny Owl calling south of The Causeway (Alan Pool)

Maxey Pits - Greenshank, 2 Dunlin, 8 Green Sandpiper (Mike Weedon)

Etton Pits - 4 Little Egrets, Greenshank, Green sandpiper (Malcolm Holley)

Eaton Ford - Hobby over (Roger Hughes)

Paxton Pits - 7 Little Ringed Plovers, Greenshank, 4 Green Sandpipers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 2 Hobbies, 21 Yellow-legged Gulls (Richard Patient)

Friday 23 July 2010

Friday, 23 July

Grafham Water - 3 Sanderling & a Dunlin on the dam this afternoon (Colin Addington)

Maxey Pits - 11 Little Egrets, Green Sandpiper (Peter Beesley)

Fowlmere - 3 Green Sandpipers, 16 Whimbrel over (Gavin Ryan)

Paxton Pits - ad sum Mediterranean Gull, Sanderling, 9 Common Sandpipers, 6 Little Ringed Plovers, 7 Little Egrets (Martin Davis)

Cambridge - Hobby over Addenbrooke's (Ed Bullmore)

Thursday, 22 July

Grafham Water - 2nd sum Caspian Gull, adult BLACK-NECKED GREBE, juv Mediterranean Gull, 25+ Yellow-legged Gulls, Greenshank, 5 Green Sandpipers, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, 9+ Little Egrets, 7+ Common Sandpipers, 3 Dunlin, 2+ Yellow Wagtails (Mark Hawkes)

Godmanchester - Peregrine over, 2 Common Sandpipers at the pits (Martin Sreeves)

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Wednesday, 21 July

Grafham Water - Turnstone, 4 Common Sandpipers on dam this afternoon (Garth Peacock, Colin Addington)

Tanholt - juv Mediterranean Gull, 2 Yellow-legged Gulls (Josh Jones)

Dogsthorpe Tip - 2nd sum Caspian Gull, 6+ Yellow-legged Gulls (Josh Jones)

Maxey Pits - 14 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper, Hobby (Chris Lines)

Overcote - 10 Whimbrels south along the River Great Ouse 20:15h (Andy Cotton)

Berry Fen - 6 Greenshanks, 5 Black-tailed Godwits, 6 Green Sandpipers, 12 Little Egrets (Mike Everett); also 5 Ruff, Marsh Harrier (Jem Holding)

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Tuesday, 20 July

Grafham Water - 2 Whimbrel (Colin Addington)

Southey Woods - 2 Crossbills (Matt Webb)

Abington - Whimbrel and Crossbill over this evening (Colin Kirtland)

Paxton Pits - eclipse Garganey, Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Whimbrel and 4 Turnstones headed south, 2 Common Sandpipers, 14 Little Ringed Plovers (Jamie Wells); also Green Sandpiper, 15+ Little Egrets (John Parslow)

Waterbeach - 13 Black-tailed Godwits over north-west 20:30h (Ian Burfield)

Gamlingay Wood - 5 Crossbills (Bob Jarman)

Cambridge - Common Sandpiper over Hemingford Road (Joe Taylor)

Sunday 18 July 2010

Sunday, 18 July

Grafham Water - Turnstone on dam, Greenshank and Goldeneye in Dudney creek, 13 Common Sandpiper, 3 Dunlin, Green Sandpiper, 11+ Little Egret, 88+ Common Tern, 5+ Yellow-legged Gull 5+ (Mark Hawkes)

Arrington - Crossbill over (Jim Lawrence)

Fowlmere - 2 Whimbrels over (Ade Cooper)

Saturday, 17 July

Paxton Pits - c.9 Little Egret, Egyptian Goose, 9 Little Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin, Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpiper, 3 Common Sandpiper, 25+ Yellow-legged Gull, 5-6 Turtle Dove (Martin Davis, Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - Black-tailed Godwit in lagoons, Green Sandpiper, 2 Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes)

Berry Fen - 2 Wood Sandpiper, 10+ Greenshank, 20+ Redshank, 4+ Green Sandpiper, 6 Little Egret, 4 Ruff, 3 Dunlin, c.30 Black-tailed Godwit, Marsh Harrier (Stuart & Jill Elsom; David Heath)

Somersham / Chatteris - Marsh Harrier by by the B1050 (Ben Stephen)

Friday 16 July 2010

Friday, 16 July

Berry Fen - Wood Sandpiper, Ruff, 29 Black-tailed Godwits, 10 Greenshanks, 9+ Green Sandpipers, 6 Little Egrets, Marsh Harrier, 2 Kingfishers (Mark Eaton)

Somersham - fem type Black Redstart in a private garden again (James Pipe)

Thursday 15 July 2010

Wednesday, 14 July

Paxton Pits - 7 Little Egrets, 6 Little Ringed Plovers, Green Sandpiper, Turtle Dove, c.15 Yellow-legged Gulls (Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - 5 Green Sandpipers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 19 Yellow-legged Gulls in roost, 9 Little Egrets (Mark Hawkes)

Somersham - fem type Black Redstart in a private garden (James Pipe)

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Tuesday, 13 July

Berry Fen - Wood Sandpiper, 23 Black-tailed Godwits, 9 Little Egrets, 5 Ruff, 4 Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers, Dunlin, Turtle Dove, Cetti's Warbler, Marsh Harrier (Mark Eaton)

Sutton Gault - Green Sandpiper, Little Owl, Buzzard, Cuckoo (Mark Peck)

Sunday 11 July 2010

Sunday, 11 July

Eynesbury - Peregrine over (Mark Hawkes)

Peterborough - 6 Crossbills over towards the Milton Estate (Don Gardener)

Saturday, 10 July

Grafham Water - Black Tern, 11 Little Egret, 2 Green Sandpiper, 2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Little Ringed Plover, Red Kite (Mark Hawkes)

Friday 9 July 2010

Friday, 9 July

Maxey Pits - 5 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper (Mike Weedon); also 13 Little Egrets and 2 Green Sandpipers along the cut (Richard Astle)

Witcham - Crossbill over west 09:30h (David Hopkins)

Thursday 8 July 2010

Thursday, 8 July

Maxey Pits - 2 Green Sandpipers, Little Ringed Plover, 12 Little Egrets (Richard Astle)

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Tuesday, 6 July

Maxey Pits - 3 Black-tailed Godwits, 3 Green Sandpipers (Paul Taylor)

Monday 5 July 2010

Monday, 5 July

Berry fen - Wood Sandpiper, 3 Greenshanks (Richard Thomas);male BLUE-WINGED TEAL, 2 Green Sandpipers, 6 Black-tailed Godwits, Cetti's Warbler (Duncan McNiven)

Sunday 4 July 2010

Sunday, 4 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL, 8 Black-tailed Godwits, Greenshank, 2 Green Sandpipers, Common Sandpiper, 4 Avocets, Cetti's Warbler, fem Marsh Harrier (Dincan McNiven)

Grafham Water - Sandwich Tern off Mander CP at 05.10h, 3 Common Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, Little Egret, 4+ Yellow-legged Gull (Mark Hawkes)

Paxton Pits - Little Egret, Curlew, 3 Green Sandpiper (Jamie Wells)

Saturday, 3 July

Berry Fen - 9+ Little Egrets, Avocet, 2+ Little Ringed Plover, 6 Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, (Peter Herkenrath)

Friday 2 July 2010

Friday, 2 July

Grafham Water - COMMON SCOTER from Mander CP this morning (Colin Addington)

Maxey Pits - 7 Green Sandpipers (Mike Weedon)

Hemingford Grey - Bar-tailed Godwit over (Mike Everett)

Berry Fen - 27 Little Egrets, 2 Avocets, pair of Garganey, Curlew, 40 Black-tailed Godwits, Green Sandpiper (Mark Eaton)

Thursday 1 July 2010

Thursday, 1 July

Berry Fen - 22 Black-tailed Godwits,Green Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover (Owen Marks)

Ferry Meadows - fem Ruddy Shelduck on Overton (Paul Taylor)

Fowlmere - Green Sandpiper, Red Kite over, Cetti's Warbler singing near Drewer Hide (Mike Foley)

Paxton Pits - 3 Little Egrets, 2 Curlews, 3 Little Ringed Plovers, Turtle Dove (Jamie Wells)

Wednesay, 30 June

Paxton Pits - 3 Little Egrets, Black-tailed Godwit, Green Sandpipers, 2 Yellow-legged Gulls (Jamie Wells)

Grafham Water - 6 Little Egrets, 6 Yellow-legged Gulls, 2 Green Sandpipers, Oystercatcher (Mark Hawkes)

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Tuesday, 29 June

Maxey Cut - 5 Little Egrets, Cetti's Warbler (Phil Ackerman)

Paxton Pits - 2 Little Egrets, 12 Black-tailed Godwits, Curlew, 2 Green Sandpipers, 6 Yellow-legged Gulls, Cetti's Warbler (Jamie Wells); 2 Ruddy Shelducks photographed on Sunday, 27 June (Les Beeke)

Monday 28 June 2010

Monday, 28 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL still present, 16 Black-tailed Godwits, 2 Little Ringed Plovers, Turtle Dove (Richard Bayldon)

Stow-cum-Quy - Red Kite over north 17:45h (Claire Spottiswoode)

Maxey Cut - Little Egret, Hobby, Barn Owl, Kingfisher (Phil Ackerman)

Late news from Tuesday, 15 June: Maxey Pits - summer plumage RED-NECKED PHALAROPE (Victor Green)

Sunday 27 June 2010

Sunday, 27 June

Ouse Washes - SPOONBILL still present, viewable from Stevens Hide (Mike Burdekin)

Fen Drayton - OSPREY over Ferry Lagoon at about 7.30 this morning, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper (c/o Neil Renwick)

Cambridge - Oystercatcher north over Mill Road (Iain Webb)

Saturday 26 June 2010

Saturday, 26 June

Ouse Washes - SPOONBILL viewable from Stevens and Cottier hides (Mike Burdekin)

Milton - Red Kite flying in wide circles above village heading in the direction of Histon (Sarah Harris)

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL still present but very elusive, Green Sandpiper, 5 Black-tailed Godwit (Richard Thomas)

Paxton Pits - 4 Little Egret, Green Sandpiper, Yellow-legged Gull, 4+ Little Ringed Plover (Martin Davis/Jamie Wells)

Friday, 25 June

Eynesbury - Peregrine over (Mark Hawkes)

Bourn Airfield - 2 Hobbies over (Chris Wentworth)

Ouse Washes - Grasshopper warbler, Hobby, 3 Ruff c5 Barn Owl, c4 Marsh Harrier (Mike Burdekin)

Thursday 24 June 2010

Thursday, 24 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL, 1+ Ruff, 3 Green Sandpiper, 2 Garganeys (Richard Thomas)

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Wedenesday, 23 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL 07:40h but can be hidden for long periods, 2 Ruff, Green Sandpiper, 2 Garganeys (Richard Thomas)

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Tuesday, 22 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL, male Ruff, Green Sandpiper, Cetti's Warbler (Monica & Owen Marks)

Girton - Red Kite south over A14 12:30h (Martin Fowlie)

Dry Drayton - Red Kite over 14:20h (Rose Burton)

Witcham - Red Kite over south 16:00h (David Hopkins)

Cambridge - 2 Red Kites west over TRAFFIC offices, Huntingdon Road, at 16:05h (Richard Thomas)

Swaffham Prior - Red Kite over 19:40h (Claire Spottiswoode)

Monday 21 June 2010

Monday, 21 June

Ely - Sandwich Tern over (Stuart Sharp)

Paxton Pits - Garganey, Green Sandpiper, 6 Little Egrets (Martin Davis)

Sunday 20 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL c.09:00h (Richard Allen)

Godmanchester NR - Cetti's Warbler (Nick Croft)

Fen Drayton Lakes - male Marsh Harrier, 5 Hobbies, Egyptain Goose, Cetti's Warbler (Nick Croft); fem Marsh Harrier, Red Kite (Sarah Howlett)

Oakington/Longstanton - Little Owl, Peregrine, Buzzard, Turtle Dove (Sarah Howlett)

Ely Beet Pits- 3 Turtle Doves (Stuart sharp)

Saturday, 19 June

Berry Fen - male BLUE-WINGED TEAL 07:30h (Richard Allen); 2 Garganey, Little Egret, Cetti's Warbler (Mark Hawkes)

Tanholt - 2 Green Sandpiper (Dave Chambers)