Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday, 7 February

Barton - GREAT GREY SHRIKE still in hedgerow in front of radio-telescopes this morning (Rob Law)

Please could anyone visiting the Barton Countryside Restoration Trust site keep to publicly accessible areas at all times. One or two people may have wandered when the bird is not showing. Areas such as the disused railway line and farmland south of it are not CRT or public land. The CRT has good relations with their neighbours. If the CRT is viewed as a source of trespassers, such relations could be jeopordised.

The CRT has guided paths which visitors are most welcome to use. The main area where the shrike has been seen is a hay meadow near to the radio telescopes). At this time of year no harm will come from wandering freely across this grassland. However, other areas are really not suitable for general walking. Please accept this at times when the bird is not showing. 

Grass strips around fields are conservation measures for which farmers recieve payment; they are not paths. Walking on them will disturb the wildlife they are intended for, and use as footpaths can lead to disqualification of the payment.

Huntingdon - c.60 mobile WAXWINGS at St. Peter's Road Inudustrial Estate (Mike Everett)

Barleycraft/Needingworth - ringtail Hen Harrier over 10:45h (Brian Groombridge)

Buckden - 18 WAXWINGS in a private garden, 40 present on 5 January (Mark Ward)

Girton - Peregrine over 15:50h (Peter Herkenrath)

Fen Causeway, Cambridge - Little Egret on Coe Fen 08:50h (Rob Law)

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