Friday, 18 January 2019

Friday, 18 January

Hobson's Park - 3 Jack Snipe (Pete Holt)

Hare Park - 11 Brambling, Nuthatch (Kevin Wilson)

Ferry Meadows - 5 Goosander, HOODED CROW on Heron Meadow, also Smew reported (Don Gardener)

Fen Drayton Lakes - pair of Goosander on river by Drayton Lagoon (Gill Parrish)

Cambrdige Beechwoods - c.30 Brambling (David Chandler)

Manes - 46 Crane to the north, from Day's Lode Road (Andy Symes)

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Thursday, 17 January

Burwell Fen - 2 Crane departed 10:40h (Andy Hannaford)

Hobson's Park - 2 Jack Snipe reported

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Wednesday, 16 January

Cambridge Beechwoods - 30+ Brambling (Andrew Maddocks)

Fen Drayton Lakes - pair of Goosander upriver from Drayton Lagoon (Nick Langley)

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tuesday, 15 January

St. Ives - Black Redstart, still tailless, on the bus station roof again this morning (Mike Everett)

Holme Fen - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD between cottages and Tower Farm this morning (Howard Butler)

Orton BP - redhead Smew, 9 Goldeneye (Andy Frost)

Godmanchester pits NR - 6 White-fronted Geese (Peter Beckenham)

Nene Washes - 31 Crane, Short-eared Owl, Barn Owl, Peregrine, 5 Bewick's Swan, 30+ Whooper Swan (Ian Gordon)

Monday, 14 January 2019

Monday, 14 January

Hare Park - 11 Brambling (Kevin Wilson)

Fen Drayton Lakes - pair of Goosander on the river by Ferry mere (Richard Thomas)

Needingworth - 2 female and a male Smew viewed from gate at TL355721 (Mark Hill)

Sunday, 13 January

Godmnachester NR - 6 European White-fronted Geese briefly (Nick Littlewood)

Fen Drayton Lakes - 3 Great White Egret, Caspian Gull (Richard Johnson)

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Saturday, 12 January

Cam Washes - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD (Julian Wheel)

Wicken Fen - Green Sandpiper, 2 Hen and 12+ Marsh Harriers, 3 Woodcock, Peregrine (Carlos Davies)

Cambridge Research Park - 3cy ICELAND GULL, 3 Caspian Gull (Jon Heath)

Ferry Meadows - ad Mediterranean Gull (Matt Webb)

Friday, 11 January 2019

Friday, 11 January

Great Fen - 4 Raven over Holme Fen NNR, ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD, Peregrine (Andy Frost)

Fen Drayton Lakes - ringtail Hen Harrier over Swavesey Lake (Bill Simmonds)

Fery Meadows - 7 Goosander, 25 Siskin (Don Gardener)

Waterbeach Pits - Bittern, 2 Water Rail (Colin Kirtland)

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thursday, 10 January

Burwell Fen - Short-eared Owl (Andy Hannaford)

Tubney Fen - Merlin (Andy Hannaford)

Girton - Merlin over the A14 (Guy Belcher)

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Wednesday, 9 Januay

Ouse Washes - White Stork of unknown origin over south (Graham Cole)

Ferry Meadows - 4+ Goosander (David Withrington)

Baker's Fen - male Hen Harrier, 2 Woodcock along Wicken Lode (Andy Hannaford)

Girton - Eastern Jackdaw in field at TL419618 (Jon Heath)

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Tuesday, 8 January

Needingworth - Great White Egret, but no sign of Smew or Great Grey Shrike (Pete Cook)

Tanholt Pits - HOODED CROW, Caspian Gull (Ian Gordon)

Cottenham, Long Drove - 3rd c.y. ICELAND GULL (Steve Cooper)

Ferry Meadows - 8 Goosander (Don Gardener)

Holme Fen - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD, Merlin (Ian Gordon)

Monday, 7 January 2019

Monday, 7 January

Purl's Bridge - 3 Tundra Bean Geese (Jonathan Taylor)

Needingworth - 3 male & 6 female Smew, Great White Egret and GREAT GREY SHRIKE south of Overcote Lane TL355714 (Jon & David Heath)

Ferry Meadows - 7 Goosander (Don Gardener)

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Sunday, 6 January

Ferry Meadows - 7 Goosander on Gunwade Lake (Don Gardener); Scaup on Gunwade (Barbara North)

Grafham Water - 5 Bewick's Swans in savages creek today (Chris Shurlock)

St Ives -  Black Redstart was on the roofs of the bus station and the adjacent antiques market (Duncan McNiven)

Needingworth - 5 Smew, Great White Egret (Duncan McNiven)

Ouse Fen - Great White Egret (Duncan McNiven)

Colne Fen - Pink-footed Goose (Nick Littlewood)

Burwell Fen - male Hen Harrier through towards Sedge Fen, also c.40 Whooper Swan on Baker's Fen (Norman Ratcliffe); 3 Short-eared Owl, male Hen Harrier to roost at Sedge Fen (Patrick Woods); 74 Whooper Swan over Burwell Fen early morning (Christoph Zöckler)

March - 47 Crane over 16:00h (Martin Green)

Oxlode - 3rd winter ICELAND GULL to roost, redhead Smew, Peregrine over (Brendan Doe)

Thorney Toll - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD in the Wryde Croft wind farm area (Mike Weedon)

Eye Tip - HOODED CROW (Mike Weedon)

Saturday, 5 January

Needingworth/Barleycraft - Great White Egret (Patrick Woods)

Cam Washes - Hen Harrier, Peregrine, 70 Whooper Swans over, Jack Snipe, 2 Green Sandpipers, 2 Grey Wagtails (Jon & David Heath)

Friday, 4 January 2019

Friday, 4 January

Cambridge Beechwoods - 4 Brambling (Paul Rule)

Ramsey forty foot - 3 CATTLE EGRET (Jonathan Taylor)

Hare Park - 7 Brambling (Kevin Wilson)

Ferry Meadows - 7 Goosander, Goldeneye, Nuthatch (Don Gardener)

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Thursday, 3 January

St. Ives  - male Black Redstart still, on Bus Station roof and surrounds this afternoon, currently tailless (Duncan McNiven)

Grafham Water - 3 Bewick's Swan, Common Sandpiper (Tim Mason)

March - 47 Crane over north this evening (Derek Benton)

March Farmers - 4 Bewick's Swan, Peregrine (Hugh Wright)

Great Fen - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD, Short-eared Owl (Hugh Wright)

Maxey Pits - 4 Jack Snipe (Hugh Wright)

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Wednesday, 2 January

Windsor Road, Cambridge - male Brambling in a private garden (Chris Akhurst)

St. Ives - Black Redstart still present in Station Road area but mobile (Bill Simmonds)

Wicken - male Hen harrier over Sedge Fen, 18 Whooper Swan flew from Baker's Fen, Short-eared Owl over Burwell Fen (Christoph Zöckler)

Grafham Water - 3 Bewick's Swan (Ben Atkinson)

Wyton Airfield - 2 Short-eared Owl (Duncan McNiven)

Ferry Meadows - 5 Goosander (Don Gardener)

Holme Fen - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD from northern loop path (Diana Leech)

March - 45 Crane over west 16:10h (Alan Bull)

Milton CP - SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF east of orchard but very mobile (Nigel Butcher)

Tuesday, 1 January

Ouse Washes - c.200 Whooper Swan, 4 Bewick's Swan, c.400 Golden Plover, c. 800 Lapwing (John Wells); 3 CATTLE EGRET at Oxlode (Robert Palmer, Owen Marks)

Melbourn - ringtail Hen Harrier nearby to the south-east (Steve Cooper)

Cottenham - possible 1st winter ROSE-COLOURED STARLING with Starling flock (Vicki Harley)

Holme Fen - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD (Mark Hawkes, Duncan Poyser)

Great Fen - male Merlin, 2 Short-eared Owl (Mike Weedon et al.)

St. Ives - Black Redstart (Mark Hawkes, Duncan Poyser)

Ferry Meadows - Mediterranean Gull, fem Scaup, Red-crested Pochard, 4 Goosander (Mark Hawkes, Duncan Poyser); also Woodcock, Tawny Owl (Don Gardener)

Needingworth - 3+ Smew (Mark Hawkes, Duncan Poyser)

Windsor Road, Cambridge - 2 Brambling in a private garden (Chris Akhurst)

Maxey Pits - Jack Snipe (Mike Weedon et al.)